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Hex Bit Organizer / Holder – Flexible, Rubber Design – Holds 20 Bits – For Use With 1/4-inch Hex Bits With Groove

  • Consistent Holding Force. All bits insert and remove with the same force. No stuck bits or missing bits. We guarantee your bits will not fall out, and will not become stuck. You can toss this thing around and bits will not fall out!
  • Molded Rubber Construction. Made of durable, abrasion-resistant and oil-resistant Buna-N/Nitrile Rubber. Will last many years. Solid rubber.
  • Flexible, small design. Fit more bits in a smaller space. Bends to fit anywhere in your toolbox. No bulky plastic blocks.
Store and organize your 1/4-inch hex bits with the Bit Belt. The Bit belt is a rubber bit holder that grasps the annular groove of 1/4-inch hex bits. The Bit Belt has 20 holes for storing 1/4-inch hex bits, and a single, larger hole for hanging or whatever. The Bit Belt is not magnetic.
The 20 storage holes are specially designed to fit the standard annular groove found on 1/4-inch hex bits.
The Bit Belt has a consistent holding force. There are no tight/stuck bits, and no loose bits that fall out easily. Every bit comes out with the same pull force. Every bit inserts with the same pull force. This is because the annular groove on 1/4-inch hex bits is standardized (standard is given by ASME B107.4).
The Bit Belt is made of solid Buna-N (nitrile) rubber. Buna-N is abrasion and oil resistant. Abrasion resistance means the rubber withstands the repeated insertion and removal of bits (the storage holes do not become loose over time). Oil resistance means the Bit Belt tolerates exposure to oil, fuel and grease. The Bit Belt is a durable product that will last many years.

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