Bronze Sherlock

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This is one of our favorite vaporizers – it’s right up there with the Glass Sherlock. The ergonomics are perfect. The draw is easy and smooth. And it’s nearly indestructible. It hits like the glass sherlock, but it won’t break if you drop it.

The bronze sherlock VG is made of silicon bronze and has a stainless steel bowl. The bronze body is made by investment casting (lost-wax casting) here in the USA. The bronze is highly polished. Silicon bronze is an alloy of silicon and copper. It is commonly used for sculptures and other artwork, and is highly corrosion resistant.


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If you chose “other” for the top color, please tell us which color you’d like in the Order Notes section at Checkout.

NOTE:  The Bronze Sherlock is by far our most time-intensive pipe to manufacture.  We do not always have them on the shelf, particularly if we get large volume of orders on a weekend.  ***It may take up to 3 days to ship your order.***

The bronze sherlock will fit any VG tops. We think it looks best with one of the natural waxed wood tops. Pick any top you like.

The raised mouthpiece provides a clear view of the flame input, which helps with proper flame positioning. The smooth sherlock shape and weight makes this vaporizer a pleasure to hold and use. It becomes pleasantly warm after a few draws.

Provided with a 1/4″ VG mouthpiece.

The bronze sherlock has a large flat bottom and sits stable on a flat surface. It will not fall over.

The bronze sherlock can be cleaned with liquid solvents like alcohol or hot soapy water.

VaporGenie has discontinued the Blue/Purple Patina Bronze Sherlock, but you can still patina your Bronze Sherlock at home yourself (see below).

**VaporGenie will not provide support for the patina process**

For patina color, first remove mouthpiece and wood top. Thoroughly clean with hot soapy water. Bake clean vaporizers in oven at about 300-350F for about 1 hour. Patina color depends on time and temperature. Buff outer surface with wax afterwards (we can provide wax). Don’t put the wood top or mouthpiece in the oven!

VaporGenie Bronze Sherlock User Guide

VaporGenie Pipe Comparison Guide

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Other, Teak, Walnut, Waxed Ash

7 reviews for Bronze Sherlock

  1. Cassidy (verified owner)

    Had some hiccups getting to me but customer service was communicative. Fantastic product, very high quality, and it looks great.

  2. samuelgharper (verified owner)

    I liked the original VG but I wasn’t a big fan of the straight stem because it’s difficult to watch the flame while vaping. I saw the Sherlock and simply had to get it and I’m so glad I did – it truly is a game changer. Maybe it’s the metal, but it heats so smooth and I can take clean cool hits so easily that I’ve stuck my Storz & Bickel Plenty in the closet since the VG provides such an enjoyable experience from start to finish. I also bought the Lotus lighter and the right angle flame is the way to go.

    I’m a VG fan for life now. There’s not a better way to vape herb in my opinion. I can’t thank VG enough!

  3. Sean

    I’ve been using a VG classic pipe for a couple of years now. I almost gave it up, until a found an inexpensive lighter solution, which is the Winlite. Refillable. No flint. Sure, I’ve considered getting one of those tanks you put on your Vape Mod. I do like to vape, but I’ve always liked my classic VG. I think it’s cool, and it needs no electricity. Plus, once you know your way around it, you get a feel for it that I like. This Bronze Sherlock is all of that X2! Hits at least twice as hard, At Least! The Quality, The Simplicity. Brilliant! Thanks VG!

  4. Genie Man

    Smooth as glass, incredibly pleasant to look at, never gets too hot, incredibly easier to use than other VG’s, doesn’t break. This one’s the winner.

  5. KF Mush

    I don’t know if it’s just because it’s brand new, but it draws so much more air than my 2 year old hand carved VG, which I do clean regularly. The top is a good bit smaller in diameter than the hand carved pipe, but the fitting is the same, though the distance from the opening to the filter looks deeper.

    It is much easier to see the flame and how deep it is in the bowl and helps my friends with astigmatism emensely, so they don’t end up charring the wood.

    It looks pretty on my desk. Ju ju be is a pretty wood, but very soft. Be careful if you select that wood as it will dent easily.

  6. JBanx

    Smooth, cool vapor. Easy to clean. Perfect size, ergonomics are great…oh, and it’s the best looking pipe in the arsenal. You’ve outdone yourselves with this one!

  7. ChillyDogg

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Sherlock!

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