Xikar Resource II G2 Lighter


2-year warranty. High quality candle flame, piezo ignition pipe lighter.

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The re-engineered Resource II is now more user friendly with the addition of all new fuel window, enlarged adjustment wheel, and redesigned fold out tools to properly scrape and tamper pipe tobacco more efficiently.

  • Fuel window
  • Fold-out pipe tamper and scraper
  • 90° horizontal traditional candle flame
  • Easy single action ignition

**Shipped empty due to USPS regulations**

Use only high quality butane fuel in your Xikar Resource II G2 lighter. Make sure it says “filtered” or “refined” somewhere on the bottle. Smoke shops almost always have high quality butane available. Some good brands are Lotus, Colibri, King, and Xikar. DO NOT USE Ronson, Sun, Clipper or Neon Brands butane fuel, THAT STUFF IS CRAP AND WILL CLOG YOUR LIGHTER, CAUSING INCONSISTENT IGNITION AND DECREASED PERFORMANCE.

This lighter comes with a lifetime warranty through Xikar.com (make sure to register your lighter with Xikar.com). Xikar’s warranty statement: “We are proud to offer our lifetime warranty on all XIKAR products. If you feel that it fails to live up to our promise of function, form, feel, and fair, simply return it to us & we will cheerfully repair or replace your product. XIKAR reserves the right to repair, or replace at our discretion. Returned items may be replaced with a refurbished equivalent, depending on the age and condition of the return.”

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