Lifetime Warranty

The VaporGenie Lifetime Warranty

All VaporGenie products are sold with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty covering product defects and unreasonable failures. If your VG comes apart, cracks or otherwise fails with normal use, we will replace it. All we ask is that you send us a picture of the failure via the form on our website or by email. You do not need to return the broken VG.

There are some exceptions to the VaporGenie warranty: Soot-clogged filters are not covered, because soot accumulation is a result of improper use. Glass VaporGenie vaporizers are NOT covered against breakage. Generally, damage caused by misuse such as burning your VaporGenie vaporizer are not covered.

Lotus lighters carry a 2-year no-hassle repair service warranty from date of purchase. This warranty covers mechanical parts only and excludes damages resulting from accident, misuse, tampering, or abuse. This warranty does not cover faults occurring through bad repairs, natural wear and tear, or the use of low-quality gas refills. The outer case finishes are not covered by this warranty.

Xikar lighter warranty claims will need to be filed through the Xikar website. To do so, please follow this link –

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