More Testimonials


“I’m 65. Smoking 51, plenty of pipes. This is like riding a bike, first dry flower vaporizer I’ve tried, looking forward to receiving next order.” – Raymond from PA

“WOW! Just got it today and I love it! The hand carved is very nice looking and the rosewood grinder is perfect! I get so much more enjoyment out of much less herb. I sure got my money’s worth! You guys are doing it right. Thanks a bunch.” – AS from BFMontana

“Simple and effective. What started as an impulse buy has turned me into a vaporization convert! A great vape to “get your feet wet!”” – Andy from Rutland, VT

“Unbelievable. I have been a smoker for 30 years, I was very hesitant to try VG but after receiving the bat I am extremely impressed! Works great, best $45 ever spent on hardware. Now I can be indiscrete! Thank you! ” – Al from Baltimore

“I got my VG Handcarved today after much anticipation and smashing my other glass pipe last night.. and it has instantly made a noticeable increase in the quality of my life. I love it, it’s perfect!” – Justin H from Texas

“Excellent product. The glass VG is like a portable Verdamper. Lightning-quick shipping. Great flavor and effect with proper technique. I originally had an issue with a faulty filter element. Customer service quickly sent a replacement. Thanks a bunch! Highly recommend!” – MJ from San Diego

“I love the vapor genie! not only was it easy to learn but the quality of vapor you get from every hit is amazing! ” – Pierre from SOL

“Just got my VG bat today, fast shipment. The bat works really good. It does get a little too warm but not to bad. Its not hard to get the hang of it with the flame hole at the end. Great Job,two thumbs up. ” – John from ND

“Got my glass VG four days ago and couldn’t be happier taste and vapor quality are outstanding. You really have to use one to appreciate how great of a product this is.” – R from Albany

“VG…what a great piece by a great company…Does this thing work? Yes. Yes it does. Quite well.” – Jay from BuffCity NY

“I bought a Handcarved Vapor Genie 4 months ago for my chronic pain. I was surprised in how easy it was to use and it changed my outlook on how to use my tobacco products. The Vapor Genie was well made and also easy to use and a snap to clean it up.I liked the product so much, I just bought another Vapor Genie in Aluminum. Customer service and delivery of my order is outstanding and I would recommend thiis product to anyone who is serious about vaporizing instead of smoking. I have breathing problems from asthma as child and the Vapor Genie delivered. Thank you Vapor Genie” – donutman from Curtis Bay, Maryland

“I heard about the VaporGenie from a few websites and decided to give it a try. I was immediately impressed with how it lived up to all the hype. The flavors, smoothness, and smokelessness that come with the VaporGenie are unparalleled. Since first using it just over a year ago it has been my go-to smoking device 100% of the time. Thank you very much for this excellent product – I have recommended it to all of my friends and they have seen the light as well!” – Luke from Canada

“Perfect for hikes. I love how portable it is! I respect this company for their quality product, product warranty and the wealth of information they provide for their customers.” – Chase from Escondido

“Just purchased my 2nd VG. I decided to go more portable (ie carry it in my pocket) so I am trying the aluminum bat. Can’t wait. Seriously, don’t even think about buying this…JUST BUY IT!! you’ll appreciate and enjoy your herb so much more once you do. Very slight learning curve to get acquainted with the flame-intake but after the first few tokes…you’ll never want to smoke out of anything else.” – Donz from Long Island, NY

“I love it so much, I don’t think, I will ever go back to burning or rolling it.” – WC from New Jersey

“Just got it in the mail two hours ago, I was skeptical, but I couldn’t find a single negative review. It is amazing. No lie, I am 100% on board, super easy, super clean, and damn if it doesn’t look like a million bucks too. No I need an excuse to buy a couple more! Thanks guys!” – Jay from Avon

“Best $65 I have ever spent, I use my genie every night. No more waiting for your vaporizer to warm up and it doesn’t get more portable than this. The free replacements make it even better. Thanks guys!” – Dylan Foster from Overland Park

“I’ve had the Glass Vapor Genie for a few days now and it is awesome, vaporizes great, great taste, great everything. Buy it” – DonVares from chicago

“I have to say, i had a friend who just bought a VG classic and i was so completely impressed that I ordered from your website the very next day! This is a great product and is made very very well. THANK YOU VG : )” – Colbern from Portland

“I love this thing, have had it for years and it’s my favorite way to chill out after work. With a nice refillable lighter it’s pure class. Customer service is good too, got my new screens very quickly along with a cool sticker.” – John from Denver

“I’ve been using this pipe for almost two years at least 4 times a day and it still functions like new! While it’s not exactly a party piece a group of 4 occasional smokers had no issues using it exclusively all last night with zero burning. The elaborate water pipes never even made it out of the closed!” – juan from San Luis Obispo

“I just received my VG Bat and smoked ONE BOWL. I have my technique, and I know for a fact that I will never need to smoke again. I find that holding the flame steady about the same height as if I where lighting a bowl and inhale differently works best for me. Vapor first hit and only a bit of dark-dark brown on one over-enthusiastic hit. I am in LOVE! Thank you for creating this marvelous pipe!!!” – Bob Ford from Andover

“I love my VaporGenie! It’s exactly like the description. I also love my grinder (lucite). ” – Donna from Los Angeles

“The BAT is remarkable. The Ultimate Portable Picnic Device.” – Don from North Umpqua

“The Vapor Genie is amazing! It’s made in America, it works very well, and it got here super fast. I couldn’t be more pleased.” – Matt from Colorado Springs

“Je suis pleinement satisfait de mon Vaporgenie. Très simple d’utilisation, robuste et efficace. J’avais malencontreusement cassé l’embout buccal en plastique lors du nettoyage, j’ai contacté les fabricants via ce site et voila qu’une semaine plus tard, je reçois un nouvel embout ainsi que 2 nécessaires de nettoyage GRATUITEMENT ! Bref je recommande grandement !” – Gauthier from France

“OMFG!!! So awesome even a Luddite would appreciate and approve! Now we can vaporize our safety meeting on the slopes! This is a revolutionary product!” – Peter from Concord

“works pretty good! wish i had known about the site before purchase in Portland…would have picked out a cool color (I scored a maple one). I use this to save my throat for performing with my band hookahstew Thanks!” – johnny from portland

“Hi all, I bought a V.G. Classic pipe at the hemp show at the Cow Palace 4-17-10 I’ll tell you what… I think it is the best hand held pipe I have ever tried, and I plan on getting some as gifts for friends. I totally recommend getting one or more of theses pipes! Thank you Vapor Genie. Lightning.” – Lightning Eric from Oakland

“I’m probably older than your average customer but I happened upon your classic VG at a great local shop in town. I was fortunate enough to stop in while they had one because they sell out very fast. After a week of use I realized what I had been missing out on so I looked you up online. I ordered the aluminum bat and the glass vg along with a couple of space crickets. I can’t fully describe how pleased I am with your products. The aluminum will travel with me, it’s small and highly portable. The glass vg is just amazing. It is great to see the vapor and how toasted your herbal blend is becoming. I am very glad to have all three of these models, the wood, the aluminum, and the glass. I find them all very useful at different times or different locations. I’ll eventually get a handcarved model just for my collection and to support these fine folks here. And last but not least, do yourself a favor and pick up a couple of space crickets. I am so glad I did!” – Steve from Bloomington

“WOW! WOW! WOW! I just got my VaporGenie today and it is absolutely wonderful. I used it this afternoon and it worked like a charm. Totally portable and easy to use. I am actually about to use it now and thought I would drop a line on the testimonial section. Great product, fast shipping what more can you ask for? ” – Rob from Augusta

“Hey guys, I have to say I love your vaporizers. I have been a smoker for 8 years, I love traditional pipes. But, yours is the best tool that I have found for convenience, and ease of use. After a year and a half of owning a Vapor Genie, I have shown it to many people, and have helped 2 others purchase their own. For those reading this, The pipe is well made, stained beautifully, and works wonderfully. I recommend this to everyone as a healthier, better way to enjoy your blends and herbs.” – Nick from Washington St.

“Its like you breathe in the glorious plant matter scent and exhale and you automatically feel better about life.” – Smax from Kitchener, ontario

“Aawesome my VG is worth every penny. I got the handcarved walnut and it works great i did a lot of research before i bought and every where i went i could only find good reviews this is a great product” – stevo from seattle

“I got my first VG pipe at a festival and it blew me away. It is a budget vape, but it hits nice and smooth. Best investment i’ve made since my grinder” – Ronald from san antonio

“Just got mine. Let me tell you how much I love you. No longer will my pharmaceutical meds keep me awake. My first experience was intense, perfect, so much more than I ever expected. Thank you Genie. I will Dream of you and smile and send luv vibes your way. SMOOOCH!” – jAmiamiAmmy from chicago

“I bought a vapor genie as a back up vaporizer as I had a desktop whip vaporizer that produced very clean vapors but had a lot of glass parts, that I kept breaking. I actually spent 75$ replacing the heater cover, which was more than my vaporgenie, because I kept bumping the hose or yanking it accidentally. The vapor genie had a learning curve: three or four nights of trying to get the lowest temperature I could get vapor at and comparing it to almost smoke vapor. Now I can make my herb come out greener than my whip vape at 185c and still get very satisfying clouds. I found that using standard candle-lighters tasted bad, unless you really held them far away from the bowl causing it to take a very long time to heat up. But then when I really started to love this thing, was when I picked up a refillable metal pizeo-electric torch lighter for 15$. I get vapor almost instantly, the fire is steady and easy to aim (this particular lighter has a very thick torch, but not long), and there is no butane taste and temperature control is easier than with a normal lighter as the fire is solid/doesn’t move around when you draw. On top of that it works great outdoors; Just be careful not to burn your beautiful vapor genie! I’d really like to get one of the metal ones to not worry about it. I’d like to mention I’ve since given my 300$ desktop vaporizer to my girlfriend, I never used it anymore!” – Willy from Victoria

“I love my VaporGenie! Since the day I received it in the mail, I’ve used it on a daily basis!” – Reggie from Cleveland

“Really awesome product once I got the hang of what was suppose to happen. Much less harsh and works as good as the electric ones. I have a Extreme Tower and Im starting to think with vapor delivery its good to switch up and I find that when I switch from the Tower bags and whips back to the Vapor Genie, its fantastic. I wanna get a glass Genie just so I can see the vape forming in it. The ceramic thing inside is easy to clean with a vaccum and lighter and I dont know what to say, this damn thing just works. And whats weird its all seems so much more natural now” – Shawn from Florida

“It came in the mail this morning and I must say, this is the best purchase I have ever made when it comes to herbalizing. You guys did it up right! Thanx a bunch.” – Chris from Sacramento

“I just got my Aluminum Bat VG & it is absolutely awesome. Foolproof, portable, simple design great for “not” smoking! Flavors taste & smell wonderful, no smokey tarry aftertaste. Thank you so much for such a healthy affordable alternative. I have totally quit burning my lovely flowers & give them the respect they & I deserve.” – Dana J Drake from Redstone

“Awesome product! Truly great quality. Took me about three tries to get the hang of using the VG. My advice is to use caution when allowing others to use your VG. The learning curve could lead to burnt pipe or soot covered ceramic. After a week of use I can tell my chronic cough is subsiding. Thanks Vapor Genie!” – Tee Dawg from Raleigh, NC

“I am so impressed with my new aluminum bat vapor genie. The vapor Genie will revolutionize the way we take our herbs. ” – Kindmanfrom Detroit

“About six months ago I got a handcarved VG. I love it. It is in my regular rotation my Extreme, Iolite and primo MZ. Today I received my aluminum VG bat. This device is near flawless. Just finishing my 1st bowl and I am very impressed. I think I have a new favorite vape.” – Chuck from Park Ridge, IL

“best money I ever spent……The Vapor Genie is amazing….and free accessories…..when you need them…..what a great product and a great company….” – Jeff from fennimore

“Awesome customer service, fast shipping, huge vapor hits! Thanks guys!!” – Wdp from Phoenix

“Aluminum Pipe VG I really like this pipe it is a very nice looking pipe. Maybe one of the nicest ones I have owned The hole on the bottom piece was slightly to large for included plastic. mouth piece which I wasn’t going to anyways. If you can use the regular classic you can use this one. My only complaint is the top piece is made out of wood I wish it were made out of something I could boil and soak in alcohol and clean. ” – Nick from Manitowoc

“Hallp, unglaublich. Ich bin begeistert von diesem Gerät. Endlich Tabak genießen ohne das es stinkt und schädlich ist. Vielen Dank ! Super Erfindung. ” – Frank from Neuwied Germany

“I have always been a fan of vaporizing but the clunky contraptions took away from the ritual of smoking that I loved so much. You couldn’t just whip out a vaporizer around a campfire and pass it around. Or at home they just took so much time to use that it took away the spontaneity of the smoking act. It was always like “hold on let me get my vaporizer set up but let’s smoke in the meantime…” Now finally there is a solution. I just picked out my aluminum pipe VG and used it yesterday and wow it really works just like I wanted and it refills just as fast as any bowl. I can pass this around just like a pipe and don’t have to sacrifice the things I love about the smoking ritual. Truly will be my method of choice from now on. Now I just have to save up for the glass model! And for those who have never vaporized…this is the cheapest easiest way to try it that wont seem like you are doing anything different, except not coughing! The flavor is better and the effects are the proof in the pudding, be prepared for a whole new experience. This morning was awesome, just reached over to my night table packed and vaporized in bed! Breakfast of champions! Thanks Dan and thanks Jason for introducing me to the best purchase I have made in years.” – Sean from Blacksburg

“I just wanted to thank you guys for such a beautiful and *classy looking* product. Pipes and vaporizers can have a very stereotypical look, and this piece is simply beautiful and effective.” – Nicole from Ventura

“I just bought the vapor genie. I have also bought a VaporBrothers Box style vaporizer. First off I do like both units very much. The VaproBrothers is a very good unit but you need electricity to run it. The Vapor Genie is also a good vaporizer but its harder to use, BUT its portable, so I can go anywhere with out electric and vaporize. Thank you Vapor Genie. (Both Vapor Genie and VaporBrothers invented their own style of Vaporization and both were copied. If you want the real deal, here is where its at!)” – Eddie from Michigan

“I thought I had all the vaporizers I would ever need(Iolite, Volcano, Da Buddha). I have been hearing great things about the VaporGenie. Figured this thing is so inexpensive, compared to the money I forked over on my other vaporizers, I should pick one up. I have to say I am very impressed. Sometimes simple and inexpensive is the way to go. Now I might have to pick up one of the hand carved VaporGenies or the glass or the new aluminum looks great too. Oh decisions, decisions…” – George from Austin

“After using the Vaporgenie I am pleasantly surprised by how well it works. I will have to buy an aluminum one next. I would still like to see the VG maintenance kit come with an even number of items:) ” – dustin ProVaper from austin

“I just receive the hand-carved VaporGenie, awesome!! Nothing compares to how easy it is to use, easy on the lungs and works exactly as advertised. Thank you!” – Piaba from Fresno/San Jose

“I think the Vapor Genie is one of the best inventions made for people who choose to vapor instead of smoke. I get Big HITS off this baby straight blowed, Thanks Vapor Genie!!!!” – Curtis from Bakersfield

“I have owned vaporizers for years. A year ago, I bought my first genie and gave away all of my other units. The proficiency and portability of the genie trumped all other electronic and hand-held devices for vaporization that I have ever used or owned. Last Friday, I opened the box to my new Glass Vaporgenie. This is a device I have been hoping for, for years. It is a perfect vaporizing tool! The glass helps to improve flavor and heat transmission and is also is easy to clean. The Glass Vaporgenie paves the way for the future of art glass and vapor technology. I look forward to a future full of vaporgenie glass: chillams, bats with doughnuts, hammers, side-cars, and bubblers in a variety of colors and decor. I, of course, will always cherish my original glass genie in the colorful and, hopefully, very profitable future of VG. Your’s TRULY, Happy Customer :)” – Jeff from Athens, OH

“I just got my Classic VG in the mail and I absolutely love it! Such a clean hit. It may seem a little strange at first because you don’t get a throat hit like smoking out of a pipe, but it’s super easy to use. It was easy for me to learn how to hit it because I use e-cigs and you have to hit it the same way, slow and steady. Such an awesome product though! I definitely think everyone should get one! Two thumbs way up! :)” – Wani from Palisades Park

“I LOVE THE GLASS VAPOR GENIE! It works great, it’s easy to clean and portable. Thanks!” – Sean from Chicago

“A revolutionary vapor product! My friend bought for me the classic pipe for Christmas and I thought it was awesome. But I recently tried out the Glass VG and I am in love! ” – Noleen from California

“I absolutely love my Vapor Genie! It completely changed the way I “smoke”. Not only is it healthier for me, but it also uses much less herb than traditional pipes. Thank you for creating some an amazing product!” – Anonymous from Ann Arbor

“I love it! Natural wax finish is a little sticky, but just great to use – my lungs feel so much happier already! Cheers :)” – Belle from Newmarket, NH

” This is WAY better than smoking! You get more from less! I love this pipe!” – Wolfie from Victoria


“Truly an amazing product. Easy to use, convenient, potent. All of my friends envy it and are buying there own. Great for my catnip.” – Ian from Chicago

“I love it!!! Very well made, has good weight to it and works like a charm! Thank you!” – Sherry from fayetteville

“I find the hand carved pipe I recently ordered to be of excellent quality. This was my first pipe, and I have the feeling that as time passes the sentimental value of it will only increase, as I associate it with the positive feelings I’ve been having on the beginning of my interest in vaporizing.” – Alfred from Insurance Capitol of the world

“Vaporgenie is a great portable vaporizer. My lungs will never have to suffer harsh smoke again!” – pete from city

“I’ve been researching vaporizing for a while, but just didn’t have the funds to get there. When I checked out the Vapor Genie, I have to admit I was skeptical. C’mon…$50 bucks compared to $400? how can you possibly compare that… THIS WILL BE THE BEST $50 YOU SPEND ! With most, it has a learning curve. After a day or two of playing around with loading it properly, the right flame placement and inhaling…it can’t be any easier to use. I’m a daily toker so 2 days in exchange for a lifetime of clean “smoke” is worth it in my opinion. Thanks so much for the incredible value of the Vapor Genie. I am looking forward to many peaceful nights :)” – Donz from Long Island

“I have stopped smoking cigarettes and tobacco all together 2 weeks ago and I am a happier person for that. But as a true British Columbian I love my herbs and use it to control my craving. However smoking still made me cough quite a bit and I wanted to find a way to smoke without the sore throat and carcinogens. I discovered the VG online and was happy to be able to buy it here in Vancouver. I LOVE IT!! it is the best way to toke, so tasty and smooth, I am finding myself becoming alien to the rolling process and I use my VG all the time now. It is the best product I have purchase in a very long time and I am not referring only to “smoking “items. Also I find the VG to be very economical because it extract all the flavors from my herbs so that a little goes a long way. Thanks Vapor Genie for saving my lungs and my wallet!!” – Francoise from Vancouver BC

“ok the glass vapor genie is the best thing on this planet!! why would any one keep smoking? thanks for the best glass design ever!! works just like my 2.0 woody vg that i have been using for over 3years. i love seeing the vapor swirl around!! the best product -the best service- incredible design!! what more can you ask for !! you guys’ are the best! thanks , the preacher -santa cruz, ca ” – the preacher from santa cruz

“A simple but revolutionary design. User friendly and worth it. Takes you to the next level of herbal enjoyment with maximum ease and benefit.” – Frank from Westchester Co., NY

“I got the my classic in 2002 the best 50 i ever spent. last week i got the handcarved walnut. the handcarved is easier to use then the classic but the classic is easy to use also. I love them both. but the handcarved is my favorite. I own all kinds of vaporizers, from $50.00 to$ 300.00 but after all these years the VaporGenie is the one i use most. I’m using it right now puff puff! thanks dan your product is the best of the best.” – wade from al

“I started out with a box type vape, but am so pleased to discover your wonderful product- portable, nothing to break or burn out, ready instantly,, you have a real winner on your hands, and I look forward to giving the Genie as gifts to valued friends in the near future… ” – Eric from San Francisco

“To good to be true… UNBELIEVABLE …..” – Richard

“Had the pipe a few weeks now and loving it!!” – Brian from Ontario, Canada

“We love ours! Simple and effective.” – Merjame

“Awesome pipe! The Vapor Genie works great. ” – Jonathan from Chicago

“Great product… love the VaporGenie.. I like to call it the VaporGenius” – Tom

“Completely replaced any other method of smoking for me.” – Faseeh from New Terr

“Thanks! The VaporGenie works great.” – John from LA

“This is a great vaporizer, its small so you can take it anywhere and all you need is a lighter. IT’S FRESH!!” – Samuel R. from Fresno

“I love it. Hardly ever use anything else anymore.” – Ed, from Jersey

“Awesome product. Works just as described, just have to find that perfect temp.” – Dan from Albany, NY

“Quite possibly the best purchase I made in all of 2008. Perfect for on-the-go. Once you’ve got your technique ironed out, this thing is simply incredible.”

“Best portable Vape I’ve tried bar none” – Kirkus from SLC

“Excellent product.” – Dave from Mass

“I really love my VG. I find myself using it more often than my Volcano, its so convenient. I switched to vaporizers after developing asthma, and their effect has been wonderful. Much better for the lungs, Great product guys!”

“Works like a charm!” – J from Victoria

“It’s the best piece I’ve ever had.”

“I love the VG… Since I attend College where Smoking is discouraged, the VG allows me and my friends to be able to smoke without annoying others. My VG is getting heavily used, and i am trying to convince my buddies to buy their own, or maybe ill scrounge another for my own personal, and leave my old one for the communal pipe” – Kyle from Washington

“I love your product. I use it everyday.” – Nick from Los Angeles

“Best fifty bucks I’ve ever spent. ” – Amazed in Atlanta

“I LUV my VaporGenie. How neat that you got new designs! I am buying another one right now! That TEAK wood design is VERY nice! ” – Bjoern from Hamburg City

“One of the most fantastic smoking devices I’ve ever encountered, I recommend them to all my friends, no joke. They really are amazing. Not to mention the great website and support :)” – George from America

“I absolutely love my VaporGenie! I take it anywhere and everywhere with me. And because of the vapor barely having any odor, I’m free to smoke just about everywhere! OMG I love this wonderful device!” – Joey from “The OC”

“A great product!! Wish i would’ve been using the VG for years” – Bill from Portland

“Great Product Eliminates odor on you! Have purchased 3 as Gifts! Feel it working!” – Nick From Florida

“This is my favorite piece. I bought it last summer and have used it constantly. I know it says not to smoke the bottom part as combustion after you vape the “herbs”, but I do anyway; its half the fun! My friend who bought the eXtreme vaporizor for over 300 dollars was incredibly impressed with the taste and quality of the vapors that come out of my maple regular VaporGenie. It really is an amazing product! Thinking about buying a second one, as the exotic pipes are intriguing!” – Nick from New York

“I have had my Vapor Genie for about 2years. I love my VG. I am absolutely amazed that all smokers don’t use this product. It’s so easy to use, I show mine to everyone and when they have a go, they are always impressed. ” – Tracey from Australia.

“I love my VaporGenie! My roommate hates when I smoke in the apartment because of the smell, but with the vaporgenie he says he can’t even tell.” – Dan from Columbus

“The VaporGenie has absolutely become my new number one pipe of choice. The ease of use is matched by no other. It is so easy on the lungs that it allows me to smoke everyday.” – Johann from Winnipeg.

“This vaporizer rocks. It’s saved me a lot of damage to my lungs and I can stay inside to use when it’s too cold to go out. The tastes that I get now from my herbs are extraordinary. Three of my friends have each already purchased their own after experiencing this pipe. Great invention.” – Justin from Massachusetts

“It has replaced all my pieces combined.” – Steve from San Francisco

“VaporGenie is an amazing product. Excellent customer service, superior performance.” – Jesse from Pomona

“Great product. Easy to use, affordable, efficient. Leaves no smelly smoke and a lot healthier than conventional smoking.” – V from NY

“I can’t possibly say enough good things about the VaporGenie. I’ve even convinced a friend of mine to order one of his own. Thanks so much for making a dirty habit into a healthier and more personal experience.” – Bradley from St. John’s

“This is the greatest product I have used. I no longer smoke anything now that I can vaporize it. I haven’t used a device that can top the effectiveness and the ease of the Vapor Genie. A beautiful product that I highly recommend for anyone.” – Daniel from Toronto

“The greatest invention since the wheel.” – Nick

“My ‘replacement parts’ just arrived in the mail. I cannot believe how incredibly awesome your service is. Which, of course, also goes for the VaporGenie itself. You have a customer for life, and I will recommend this product to as many people as possible.”- Niels from San Francisco

“When I first read about it, it seemed too good to be true, but trust me it isn’t! I have had my VaporGenie for about 6 months and with occasional cleaning it works like the day I got it! I recommend it to all my friends! Thanks for making such a great product and having amazing customer service!!” – Matt from Kutztown, PA

“The best friggin invention ever!” – Bryan from Boston

“When it comes to stealthy and portable vaporizers, I find your product just unbeatable. I think also that anything could be simplier at such a good price. Good vapes on the go are now possible : thanks for that!” – Ben from France

“I absolutely love my Genie! Good work, guys!” – Dusty, straight out of Iowa

“Hey, this sure is a swell product you guy have at an unbeatable price. I’m so glad that I picked up another one for a friend. I urge anyone reading this to go right now and order one before they go out of stock. Couldn’t be happier.” – J.R. “Bob” Dobbs from Canada

“I have really enjoyed my Vapor Genie, overall this is the greatest smoking apparatus i have used!” – Peter from Kamloops

“I jut wanted to say that the vapor genie is by far my favorite pipe I own. It is very discrete and you save tons of money. I recommend it to all my friends!” – Sam from Montreal

“This easily goes down as one of the best purchases of my life. It is such a simple and functional design and I really can’t think of any downsides! Thanks for making an excellent product at a fair price!” – Mike from Virginia

“One day, I decided to get a vaporizor from a college town in Indiana. So, I went shopping and saw a wide array of items. I was not happy with many of the products because they were bulky and big. Many were not portable. Then the guy behind the counter said we got this:) I work in VA now. How ironic that I drive to VA only to find out that these are made in VA. I got a few more items from this site. These little genies are some of the simpliest and ‘most impressive’ marvel of engineering.” – John

“I’m a goon ( if you don’t know) and have been basically pimping the VG for a very long time on our forums. I love it and everybody loves it. You guys make a top-notch product and I love using it! In fact I’m about to right now, so please excuse me…” – Brandon from the internet!

“Love my vapor genie Very well made, never had any problems. Its so easy to use and is portable which makes it even better. Thank so much for an awesome product!” – Andrew from New Jersey

“This pipe is amazing! I tried testing other forms of smoking by blowing the smoke through a clean white T-shirt to see how much tar I was exhaling from each. The tar from the Vapor Genie was almost nonexistamt compared with the obvious yellow and brown stains showed by other methods of smoking! The Vapor Genie gave me all of the flavor without the tar!” – Brian from Georgia

“I’m a nicotine addict with COPD–an unhealthy combination. I’m using the Vapor Genie with a good grade of pipe tobacco, and it’s wonderful. I’m completely off cigarettes, and my breathing has much improved. Thank you very much!” – Terry

“Your product is fantastic. I sent my check in not 5 days ago and your product has already arrived in the mail. That kind of service deserves to be commended. The product itself is also first-rate and I hope to be using your VaporGenie for many years to come. Thanks again!” – Robert

“I recently bought the Exotic VaporGenie and I must say that it is some of the best 50 bucks I’ve spent in awhile.”- James

“I just received the VaporGenie and I’m extremely satisfied! Thank you! I love the whistling system – lets me memorize the precise inhalation speeds required for the best vape experience. Overall, an excellent and innovative vaporizer! Hope you guys get this and again, thank you!”- Sherman

“This is my favorite new toy. Now I can vape anywhere. I’ll never need another product.”- Ryan

“Just wanted to drop an email and let you know, that you make a fantastic product. I have had my vapor for well over two years and it has been 100 % trouble free and works just as advertised. I also own have a Volcano and quite frankly, the Vapor Genie does just what the Volcano does a Hell of a lot cheaper and quieter.What I find really Groovyabout the this Pipe , beyond it’s amazing functionality, is it’s simplicity and absolute ruggedness. Much can be said for “no moving parts”.Your product also looks and is constructed like it was designed and manufactured by people who have knowledge of the above. Compared to a great many other products in this industry that appear very “Rube Goldberg” in there design and manufacture.Almost as if they were put together in some bodies garage on an old card table.”- Ritchie from Long Island

“I broke my Vapor Genie yesterday and I bought the knock-off version while I waited for my replacement parts from you guys. Either way, the Vapor Buddy has a major engineering flaw. In the Vapor Buddy design the Head is made out of metal, thus when heating the pipe the heat does not convect to the herb but rather most of the heat conducts to the metal Bowl. This causes the Bowl to get too hot and the herb does not get enough heat via convection to efficiently vaporize. I would rather use my old Vapor Genie, than to use a bran new Vapor Buddy that I purchased for $16 fresh out the box. Kudos for an excellent product!”- Nathan

“I just picked up my Vapor Genie today, and was really impressed at the quality of the product. It worked to the T. No burning. Just sweet sweet vapor! I fully stand by my Vapor Genie! Vapor is the way of the future!!!”- Mr. Green

“Dan, yours is a product of impressive ingenuity and quality, wholesome craftsmanship. I’ve never enjoyed tobacco this much. I ordered one of my own an hour after using my friend’s. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the straightforwardness of the transaction. Products like yours deserve to succeed, and I wish you and your business luck in the future.”- Humbertesque

“I just wanted to let you guys know that I am the current owner of a VaporBuddy. After using it for a few months I had the opportunity to use your VaporGenie and I was amazed. I thought I had been vaporizing before but the VB came in no comparison to the VG. Thank you for my experience”- Josh

“The VG arrived in fantastic time, in great condition exactly as your site said it would. The condition was flawless, the parts are smooth, and polished in good order, no loose parts, and quite solid. From the look alone, this is a fantastic product and I must say the expectation I had built up was met. I am happy to now have one and look forward to doing more business with you in the future.”- Dorga

“I developed a cough last year and thought I should try Vaporizing. I’ve been using the VaporGenie for about 4 weeks now and have seen an incredible decrease in my coughing. Thanks for an affordable, effective, device.”- Karen from California

“So my sister went to Vancouver last week and brought me backyour Ash VG from a shop there. I was looking to get a vaporizer but was thinking of an electric one. I wanted a portable one but she found this one and thought it would be better. And you now what? She was right! This pipe is fabulous! I’m so glad to have gotten it. Its the only way I want to smoke now! Thank you again for such a great ingenious product!!”- Lesa from Saskatoon

“Holy smoke! The Vaporizer is incredible! I started smoking about 7 years ago, and soon became quite the regular smoker. Eventually, I developed a chronic cough. I literally couldn’t laugh without coughing at least a little. I accepted the phlegm and coughing as part of the cost of smoking. Then I got a hernia, and my doctor told me I had to try to avoid coughing. That’s when I looked into vaporizers, and that’s when I found the VaporGenie… and let me tell you, I’m glad I did! I only got my VaporGenie a couple of months ago, and the difference is incredible! I don’t cough all the time any more, I’m not all hacky and phlegmy, and I think my singing voice is coming back! As many others have testified, now I can’t go back to a regular pipe without a horrible taste lingering in my mouth, which is a little annoying for social situations, but a pretty small price to pay! I rave about the VaporGenie to everyone I can. It’s a wonderful product that I couldn’t be happier I bought. It has changed my life for the better. Thank you for an awesome product!”- John from Astoria

“I’d like to say this is the only product I have ever bought in my life that I would not change a single thing about; it is perfect in every way. The design is simply beautiful. It is natural and real (unlike other vapor pipe imitators), yet underneath it is highly advanced. The inhalations are smooth and tasteful and I am grateful to be able to smoke in any environment without leaving the smell of smoke. I began to use water-pipes recently because my traditional combustion pipe’s smoke was too harsh. However, the water-pipes’ are unwieldy and annoying to maintain. The Vapor Genie lets me have nice, smooth inhalations in a small easy-to-carry pipe while also being a breeze to maintain. I am extremely satisfied and I hope that you NEVER stop making these (please don’t change the beautiful wooden design either!) because it would be a huge disappointment with no other competitor even coming close to this quality and care. Your website is simple and to the point and everything you guys are doing is great. I thank you so much!”- J.D.

“This amazing pipe seems indeed to contain a genie – a powerful genie who knows just how to extract all the goodness form your 3 (or more) wishes. Spend a very enjoyable couple of hours learning how this baby handles. Once you’ve gotten to know each other, she delivers in a grand style on what she promises.Vapor Genie Team, you know whereof you speak and what thou do-eth. Brothers and Sisters – Get one, don’t wait.”- David

“I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I’m very pleased with my Genie. I had it figured out by the end of the first evening. Or so I thought. I singed the first couple loads on the second day; but since then, it’s been clear sailing. My roommate says it is the best delivery system he’s ever used and we have a $250.00 electric vaporizer!”- Mike from Canada

“My wife bought me the Vapor Genie for our anniversary. After using it for about a month, i went over to my local smoke shop and tried out their expensive electric vaporizers (ie volcano, silver surfer, hot box…) the electric units work as you would expect but the vapor genie surpasses all expectations! this small portable unit provides a clean hard hit of vapor with just minimal practice, once you have the hang of it, it works 100% of the time. I love this product, thanks.”- Michael

I just want to tell you how pleased I am with your product. It was everything you stated on the site and way more. It works PERFECTLY… I think I have got the amount of lighter heat I need figured out… I am not coughing! Anyhow, I will be recommending this to my friends. Thanks again… you are MUCH APPRECIATED!- Gerhard

“Received my Genie the other day, and wanted to share my impression. I found your site, after having been ripped off @ $70 for a Vapor Buddy. Unhappy with the lack of direction from both the mfg (as you state on your page, no website, no support, no nothing) and my local rip-off artist I searched for info on the VaporBuddy. Your site was at the top of the list of results returned, and so I went there. The online user manual was excellent! It made it possible for me to use the Buddy to the best of its’ meager ability. I already had a positive experience even before I tried your product! Not content with my piece of crap, I promptly ordered an Ash VaporGenie. The superior design is immediately apparent, and it translate to a superior performance and experience. After using the Genie for but a few days, I could no longer enjoy combustion smoking….after having done so for over 15 years. The combination of components allows it to be used very easily, almost instinctively….it just seems to send constant feedback to you, allowing you to adjust your technique as you go to get the maximum benefit. Nice job on a simple but highly effective product. I’ll probably be ordering a hard wood body in the future, just to compare the two….and I’m sure to be getting another on shortly for my best friend. Thanks for the quality.”- John

“Hello, I just tried out my new Vapor Genie and I love it! It’s fantastic! I was really surprised how good the vapor tasted. Like others have said, once you get the technique down, it’s a breeze. Thank you so much.”- Tyler

“Thanks Dan; Still loving my Genie, though sadly I recently lost my first (maple) one! Good thing I had a spare – and hence my latest investment against future such disasters. I sent you a note a while back expressing my appreciation of the genie and would like to further add that I really love the low odour of the genie exhaust. My nonsmoking wife loves it too as I no longer have the constant smell of smoke lingering about me. As smoking, quite rightly I might add, becomes less tolerated by those not partaking, the genie’s vastly less odoriferous exhaust allows smokers to indulge in their habit amongst others with minimal offence. Ya don’t get the lingering bad taste and bad breath either. Man, Unless my wife sees me vaporizing (vapourizing up here) she never knows I’ve been at it. I could never go back to actually smoking. Just love it!”-Scott from British Columbia

“All I have to say is this product really works, hands down, no if ands or buts about it. Thanks for such a great product.”- Shawn from California

“VaporGenie, you did it! I knew something like this must be possible, so when I saw your product I had to try it, and the thing really works. So much simpler and more sane than all the power cords, hoses and bags. Great job!”- Bruce

“This pipe is amazing! I tried testing other forms of smoking by blowing the smoke through a clean white T-shirt to see how much tar I was exhaling from each. The tar from the Vapor Genie was almost nonexistent compared with the obvious yellow and brown stains showed by other methods of smoking! The Vapor Genie gave me all of the flavor without the tar!”- Brian

“This is easily the best money I have ever spent on a smoking device. I only wish it was the first, because I’ll never use the others again. This pipe eliminates all the downsides of vaporization (price, size, complexity, lack of portability) and replaces them with convenience, simplicity and familiarity. If someone had asked me to describe my dream pipe, this would pretty much be it. I will be using this pipe to the exclusion of all others, and will be evangelizing it to every smoker I meet.”- B from Toronto

“Hello, I just tried out my new Vapor Genie and I love it! It’s fantastic! I was really surprised how good the vapor tasted. Like others have said, once you get the technique down, it’s a breeze. Thank you so much.” -Tyler

“Hi, I just want to tell you how pleased I am with your product. It was everything you stated on the site and way more. It works PERFECTLY… I think I have got the amount of lighter heat I need figured out… I am not coughing! Anyhow, I will be recommending this to my friends. Thanks again… you are MUCH APPRECIATED!” -Gerhard from Virginia

“Hi guys- I would proudly display a bumper sticker that read- “Honk if you’re reloading your Vapor Genie” -Brent from BC

“I just want to say that y’all have an amazing product. It performed just like y’all said it would. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to regular pipes.”-Alexander

“I just tried my hardwood VaporGenie and I am thrilled! This is the vaporizer I have been looking for at least the past two years. I followed the instructions carefully and found it was as effective as, and much simpler to use than my Volcano. Plus, it’s portable. This pipe is ingenious, tasteful, pleasing to the eye and, unlike so many other vaporizers on the market, does exactly what it claims it can. I look forward to years of use, as it is obviously well crafted. I balked at the price, but am now convinced it may be the best deal I will find this year. Thank you!”-Richard

“I absolutely love this vaporizer. Thank you for your hard work and research to create it.” -Sherry

“I just wanted to say that I think your product rocks! Its the best and easiest vaporizer I have used, including electric vaporizers. The VaporGenie is made with great materials and it is of very good quality. I am a very satisfied customer, so keep up the good work!”–Satisfied VaporGenie user from New York City

“Have had many of your VG pipes and gifted many to friends around the country. Great product! Thank you.” -Rich

“Hey VaporGenie team, I recently purchased your VaporGenie from a local shop and its been two weeks since using it ands its great, the difference is amazing, and its worth every dollar out there.”-MJD

“Hi, I bought a VaporGenie about 6 weeks ago, and love it! What a simple yet perfect design.”-Lyl

“Hi! Thank you for having such a wonderful product available!”-Karen from Michigan

“I just wanted to thank you for your product. I am very pleased with it, and it works better than my electric that costs 4x as much. I really like the ease of use and instant heat control I have with the lighter. My friends also love it and want to purchase their own. With the health benefits of vaporizing over smoking you have helped make that choice much easier.”-Dave from San Diego

“I rush ordered my new, hand-carved walnut, vapor genie based on the reviews and the quality of the site. It’s all true: quick learning curve, ease of use, real vaporization, lack of smell, zero combustion and full taste. I’ll never use another pipe. What’s the point? This is the evolution in herbal smoking. And the price really makes it a steal. If it lasts as long as they claim, along with the life-time warrantee, it’s worth double or triple the price. Stop reading and break-out the credit card now.” – Taylor from Los Angeles

“Hey persons behind this miraculous product: I read your anti-vaporbuddy rant and got filled with rage. What a load! Those guys sound terrible. The Genie is a wonderful addition to my collection and I have come to love it dearly. Keep up the good work and I hope your patent clears soon so you can nail those imitation bastards. “-Drew

“The Genie doesn’t grant you with only 3 wishes, he grants you as many as you can handle.” – Cory from STL

” The first time saw one,it was in a magazine.Then just two weeks ago I saw one at a locale smoke shop selling for $80 and when I returned to buy, it was sold! So i checked out the website and found that i liked even more and I must say it’s the best $59 (shipping included) I’ve ever spent!! and IF you read the directions first, you will have the best quality smoke ever from this hand held vaporizer, it truly is a Genie!!” – Eddy from Fayetteville,NC

“This is a very smooth product. It takes some practice especially when you are not sure what is suppose to happen. Once this pipe reaches the right temp, it gets the job done. My lungs felt so much better that I had to go back to the old method because I thought I was doing it wrong. All I can say is vaporizing saves the lungs, and this is a very different way to enjoy herbs 🙂 I wonder how the glass one is + If your gonna buy one of these, Id go with a wood colors not one of the painted models, I went with purple but the wood versions look more elegant, but either way, very cool product” – Shawn from Fla

“Since the day I got my VaporGenie I have quit burning & smoking! You have a simple healthy alternative that works! Top bowl could use a few flat spots to keep it from rolling. otherwize perfect! Thank you!” – Dana

“I liked the original so much, I had to get the new Handcarved, which is even nicer. Thank you Vapor Genie for making the best portable vaporizer available.” – Brian

“I’ve been a vapor genie owner for three years now and I’m still vaping strong with my portable companion. It has helped me quit smoking nearly a year ago, and to this day, I still bring it everywhere I go. Its rugged wooden construction is sturdy and looks great regardless of the countless times I’ve dropped it. To sum it up, vapor genie is simply the most reliable and practical portable alternative to smoking in my experience. I love this product and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s trying to quit smoking.” – Brad From Santa Cruz

“Just got my “genie” in the mail a few days ago and absolutely love it. I was skeptical at first but would now recommend this product to anyone!!! Thanks VaporGenie.” Adam from Colorado

“I just recently quit smoking cigarettes. I was a smoker for five years. Your product is top notch. It is a great pipe for vaporizing herbal and tobacco blends. It does the job well. It does take a bit of getting used to (how much flame to apply and how much material to put in the pipe). Your product is made with excellent craftsmanship.”–Jason from Illinois

“By far the best investment I have ever made. Thank you very much VaporGenie staff!” – Richard from Texas

“It is an absolutely phenomenal device. The inventor should be nominated for the Nobel Prize.” – Drew from AZ

“I purchased this as an alternative to a regular Vaporizer for use in situations where there is no electricity. It works much better than I had hoped! Thanks for creating such a portable, effective product (and it’s pretty cheap for such great quality, too).” – RD from Ontario, Canada

“Wasn’t a believer until i tried for my self, now will never look back!” – Bob from Vancouver

“I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with your product. I just received it today and am very pleased with it’s performance. I also own a Vapir electric vaporizer, which is a good product, but I can already tell that the VaporGenie will change my life in a way a plug-in vaporizer simply can’t. Again, thank you for your product. It’s ease of use, economic method of heating, and affordability make it one of the most satisfying purchases I’ve made.”-David from Virgina

“I’ve been using the vapor genie for about a year now and it is the single greatest pipe I have ever used. It gets the job done, and doesn’t leave you with black ugly ash. I try to convince everyone I know to get one of these. It produces little to no smell when done correctly and the free screens and pipe cleaners is just a fantastic idea. I’m looking forward to getting a glass VG. Keep making amazing products” – Jason from Keizer

“I’ve had my VaporGenie for a few years now. I own electronic vaporizers but you cant take them out to the woods with you. Its the best vape I’ve ever used. My friend bought a VaporBuddy a couple of months ago becuase it was cheaper than the VG, but he quickly threw it away (JUNK JUNK JUNK) and bought an exotic VaporGenie.” – Dennis from Alabama

“Vapor Genie is the best. There’s no comparison when it comes to portable vaporizers. It’s the most affordable, and easiest to use–by far. I also use it at home when I don’t want to wait 5 minutes for my electric vaporizer to warm up. My VG (ash wood) looks and works great, and the pouch and lighter I bought with it are perfect. I also love your website. Every question I had was answered with candor and detailed research before I asked it. Thanks for a great product that lives up to its billing. ” – Andrea from San Francisco

“The Vapor Genie is great! I am so happy that there are folks like you out there who care about making a quality product.” – Jesse from Northern California

“Many thanks for creating such a amazing product. I absolutely love my VaporGenie. Very easy to use and maintain. Its the last pipe I’ll ever buy, unless of course, I buy another one. ” – Kal from Atlanta

“Once you really get the hang of it (it takes no time at all) nothing in the world beats it if you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle and still enjoy the same benefits you get with smoking” – Hank from Harrisonburg

“For once I found a product that was 100% as advertised. No bull, just the truth about what it does and how it works. Thank you very much for your product and the way you conduct your business. Like a breath of fresh air!” – Allen from Orlando

“Simply awesome, not only are there no regrets. I have to say its even better than I expected. Worth every penny.” – Spoo from Palm Beach

“Great product. I use it every day and have purchased several as gifts for my friends. Everyone loves them! Thanks and keep up the great products and support.” – Jim from Michigan

“Love this thing, use it all the time. It’s far better then anything else i have used…well done guys.” – Carl from OZ

“I recieved one of your pipes today as a gift, and I have to say I’m beyond impressed. It works as well as my friends all digital, medical grade vaporizer that cost him $500, but it’s way cheaper, and easier to use. Fantastic product, hands down.”-Stephen from Georgia

“A fantastic buy. This is by far the most effective vaporizer under $100 and I’m not tethered to an electrical outlet. Great work, guys!” – Mitch from the East Coast

“What a WONDERFUL piece of equipment! I own a Volcano vaporizer, but obviously can’t take it around with me everywhere. The VaporGenie is portable and perfect!” – Eugene from Oakland

“My VaporGenie works so good I can’t believe it.” – Albert from New Jersey

“It’s a perfect product, and works great. I can smoke in peace with no smell.” – Tyler from Elk Grove

“I love my VaporGenie, I use it everyday. What a great product.” – Jeremy from Oregon

“I just want to say thank you for making this product! It is simply terrific! Easy to use, durable, and simply ingenious. Thank you!” – Romel from San Luis Obispo

“The VaporGenie is an amazing product for such a small amount of money. It is ridiculous to continue smoking tobacco and herbs when you can get a such a great vaporizer so cheap.” – Kevin

“This thing has changed my life. The smell free style of this has been a hit to all those I have introduced to it. Don’t count on an electric vaporizer to even come close to what this thing offers. Once you learn this pipe, this thing is a beast.” – Speedy The Turtle

“The VaporGenie is one of the best buys I’ve ever made. 10/10” – Brett from Columbus

“I love the V.G. I have owned 2 Vapir one 5.0’s in the past. They worked well but the electric motor has a short lifespan. The vaporgenie has eliminated this problem. No moving parts to break. It is completely portable. Took a couple of times to get the hang of it, wouldn’t part with it now.” – Todd from Austin

“Hi I just wanted to thank you so much for your invention. I’ve been smoking for over 10 years, and I was totally in love with it. I knew it was unpleasant for others and unhealthy for myself, but I didn?t care. However, after only one day of using your vapor pipe, I was completely converted. The next morning when I attempted to smoke my usual morning pipe, I was totally disgusted, at the taste, the smell, the film in my mouth, everything, and I?ve never gone back. For me it was basically a taste issue, but I can’t help thinking of the YEARS that this product will actually add to my life. I was prepared to die 5, 10, even 15 years too young just to enjoy a good daily smoke, but now I don?t have to make that choice. Thanks.”-Daniel from New York

“Just got the VaporGenie in the mail. It’s great, thanks a lot. You do some good work there. I wake up and I can breathe normally instead of feeling like a big weight is sitting on my chest in the morning.”-Jonathan from British Columbia

“Great Concept, Great Product, GREAT PIPE! Vapor Genie is everything promised and more. I am a pipe smoker. I know that I have at least 6 pipes in my house—but I haven’t seen them since I got my VaporGenie. Thank you. Honest products are few and far between these days. A Happy Saskatchewan Smoker who coughs a lot less. Thanx again”-Sean from Saskatchwean

“Normally I don’t send fan-mail about a product, but the VaporGenie is the best $50 I have ever spent. Also the shipping was a lot faster than I expected. Thank you so much for a cheap vapor alternative that in some ways is even better than more expensive models.”-Will From Ohio

“I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your product. I must say I was a bit skeptical about how well it would work. It sounded like it would be a little awkward and inefficient. I can’t tell you how wrong I was, the hole for the flame is nice and deep making it comfortable to “bend” the flame down a little but just enough. The ceramic filter seems to heat up quite quickly and seems very efficient. I have been using this like crazy since I got it (which may be a bad thing lol); however it is so darn enjoyable. Thanks for such a high quality product, I will recommend.”-Matt from British Columbia

“I’ve been giving it a thorough workout since it arrived and it ROCKS you absolutely nailed it. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be able to offer your awesome product to my customers.”-Bill from Saskatchewan

“I own a $300 electric vaporizer and still prefer my VaporGenie -Scott from Buffalo”

“The VaporGenie is amazing! I don’t know how I lived without it. It has the power of a full-fledged vaporizer in a tiny pipe shape, it’s easy to use and always impresses my friends when I show it off. Plus, it’s stylish!” – Michael from New Jersey

“Love how you can taste the rich flavors of the tobacco.” – Charlie from Philadelphia

“The vaporgenie has served me well for three years and counting! It’s functionality has even increased when I found that it could be used with various incenses.” – Mike from Chicago

“Love my VaporGenie!! Great on family vacations 😉 might be the best thing ever!” – Ian from the “Wheat State”

“I love my Vapor Genie! It lets me enjoy my herb virtually anywhere. I also love not having to deal smoke any more!” – JD from Sacramento

“The VaporGenie was much better than I anticipated. It provides a nice smooth hit that doesn’t irritate your throat. The smell is a nice popcorn like smell, which is convenient in stealth smoking situations. I would recommend this for anyone who enjoys vaporizing and needs an on-the-go alternative. ” – Mr. Hooper from Sesame Street

“i had a collapsed lung few months ago cause execes of tobacco, i quit but i found i couldn’t smoke so i decide i wold start to vaporize, i found you in the internet and buy your pipe, dude this is the best thing ever happened to me and your service great!!!” – joe francis’s personal chef in mexico!!

“Two years and going strong on my original VaporGenie! VG Rocks!” – Dan from Columbus

“Hi! I bought my VG six month ago from an online shop in Europe and I have to admit that is simply great. Vaporgenie helped me to stop smoking tobacco. Without combustion my lungs are more healthy and bye bye to nicotine addiction!! Moreover I now can pay more attention to flavors, taste and characteristics of the different herbs. – Filippo from Italy

“The glass VaporGenie is a superb piece of glass that makes other vaporization methods look bloated and graceless.” – Andrew from Gig Harbor

“I love my vapor genie. I bought it in December of 2009, and I have been using it every day since. It is a remarkable design and I am glad I own one. Thanks for engineering such an amazing piece that is so simple yet so great.” – Steve from Knoxville’

“The Vapor Genie is so convenient its ridiculous. I’m ready to vape whenever. ” – Daniel from Santa Barbara

“-Smoke test.
-Photo shoot.
-Enjoy the moment.
See you Dale,
Schuss✌”. – Stephane from France