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Our classic, wooden, colored vaporizer.  Bottom and top are made of Maple wood. Paint is lead-free water-based acrylic.

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  • The bowl, screen and filter top threads are all made of stainless steel.
  • Measures 4.5 inches from mouthpiece tip to the center of the bowl. The classic is shorter (lengthwise) than the handcarved VaporGenie vaporizer by about 1 inch.
  • The black mouthpiece is optional and can easily be removed by simply pulling it out.
  • Ceramic filter is removable/replaceable. Removal is only necessary if soot needs to be cleaned (which should never be necessary).
  • Mouthpiece borehole is 1/4″ diameter. We recommend cleaning with 1/4″ stainless steel brush.
  • Do NOT clean with solvents or soapy water. Solvents will damage the wood.

VaporGenie Classic User Guide

VaporGenie Pipe Comparison Guide

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6 reviews for Classic Colored

  1. Sarah

    This is the best thing I have ever bought EVER.

  2. Kelly K

    I was introduced to the Vapor Genie back in 2007. This was a product that was sold as a healthier way to smoke. I was instantly interested seeing that I didn’t really care for the more traditional Bong or glass pipe. I found them harsh and hated to get chunks of hot coals or choked on too much smoke from the bong.
    With the vapor genie it takes some getting used to. Most people struggle the first couple times,only because its different. You have to hold the lighter longer to heat up the ceramic but once you do (30-45 secs) its a smooth wonderful hit that tastes pure and natural.
    With this pipe you are able to take a long slow draw that seemingly fills your lungs instead of a short hot burst that makes you cough, (I never cough with Vapor Genie).You are essentially baking the product instead of flame torching it.
    I’ve had some people LOVE it and ask all the questions, price etc, I’ve had people get frustrated after not getting an instant hit and say “forget it” and I’ve people like it but prefer the reg way.
    Pros: holds up fantastic, I have dropped mine so many times, it has the chips and dents to prove it. Glass could never compare.
    Easy to clean, they even have an inexpensive kit fr $8
    DOES NOT SMOKE! Traditional pipes smolder causing the burnt scent of what your smoking. With VG all the smoke is in you, so wherever you exhale is the only place it goes.
    CON: having to hold the lighter for longer the the 3 sec a trad. pipe takes. It sucks on a windy day, especially if your trying to be discrete. You almost have to use Bic lighters, the cheap brand can’t hang being lit for that long after the first few times. Butane works to

  3. Dave

    The Vape Genie is a great accessory. It is a little bulky but that doesn’t distract from its ease of use. It performs very well and heats evenly and therefore it develops no hot spots.. All of these portable units require some “techniques” to use them properly. The Vape Genie is very straight forward and really no different than smoking out of a conventional pipe . It performed perfectly for me the first time I used it. It is a reasonably good value and has no parts to wear out. I have tried several of these portable units but my search ends here. I just don’t need to look for a better vape.

  4. Wrigley

    The Vapor Genie is an absolutely wonderful product. I have turned friends onto it and they really like not having a vaporizer that either runs on batteries or electricity, and they prefer using their own lighter to heat the material. The Vapor Genie is an A + product and they only thing I would change about it is the pipe stem which I feel should be longer. I change the stem into others that I have bought from a local pipe store other than that the Genie is a right on product. Go VG!

  5. Stephen

    They say that the simplest solution is usually the best one. That is true of this vaporizer. If there is a learning curve it is because this runs counter intuitive with using a normal pipe. You usually pack a pipe tight and put the flame directly on the product. The opposite is true with this pipe. After a couple of tries, this pipe works great!! Lots of wonderful vapor! It is built very solid and feels like a quality product. The threading feels very smooth and the pipe over all feels very well made. Plus you can’t beat a lifetime warranty!! I will definitely buy more products from Vapor Genie!!

  6. Lethalvape

    Awsome reliable and sturdy all around great big hiting vape 2thumbs up

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