The Original Portable Vape

Reliably Built
Still Made in the US

Peter from Concord

“OMFG!!! So awesome even a Luddite would appreciate and approve! Now we can vaporize our safety meeting on the slopes! This is a revolutionary product!” –

Bob Ford from Andover

“I just received my VG Bat and smoked ONE BOWL. I have my technique, and I know for a fact that I will never need to smoke again. I find that holding the flame steady about the same height as if I where lighting a bowl and inhale differently works best for me. Vapor first hit and only a bit of dark-dark brown on one over-enthusiastic hit. I am in LOVE! Thank you for creating this marvelous pipe!!!”

Chase from Escondido

“Perfect for hikes. I love how portable it is! I respect this company for their quality product, product warranty and the wealth of information they provide for their customers.”