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Volta™ Vaporizer

Availability: In stock

$90.00 USD

Quick Overview

Battery powered portable vaporizer. Wood/metal construction. Long-life, high-power rechargeable LiFePO battery.

Volta Parts Page


The Volta™ is a battery powered vaporizer manufactured in the USA by VaporGenie. The Volta ™ has a powerful LiFePO battery that provides power to a heating chamber. Herbs in the chamber are heated to vaporization temperature in seconds. Heat application is controlled by a manual pushbutton switch.


The Volta body is made of waxed hard maple wood. Electrical contacts and switch are bronze. Cover is bamboo and has a rare earth magnet attachment. Screws, battery holder and spring are stainless steel. LED indicator circuit is potted in silicone rubber and is lead-free. Battery caps are silicone.

Battery is an 18650-size lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO) battery. It must be charged with a LiFePO charger (do NOT use a Lithium-ION battery charger; doing so can cause fire!). Batteries are rated for 300 charge-discharge cycles @ 1300mAH, and about 1000 charge-discharge cycles @1250mah. The batteries will last a very long time, provided they are not completely discharged (i.e. to zero volts). You must stop using a battery when LED indicator turns RED (happens at about 2.2 volts). A completely discharged battery will take a little under 2 hours to fully recharge.

Cold batteries: Battery output voltage is lower when the batteries are cold. The LED indicator will light up RED with a cold battery (below about 40F), even if its fully charged. The batteries are warmed by discharge, so this lasts only a few seconds (about 10-20 seconds). A battery at 5F can require a 60 seconds of discharge to warm up enough to turn the LED green. It is best to warm the batteries in your pocket or something before use. A room-temp battery (70F) works fine. If you are using the battery in the extreme cold, and the battery never has a chance to warm up, it will not last for the 7-8 minutes we promise.

Battery specs:

Max charge voltage: 3.6V

Max charge current: 1.3A.

Max discharge current: 10A.

If you want to use your own LiFePO batteries, thats fine. Just make sure they have a max continuous discharge current of 10A. The Volta draws about 8-9 Amperes.

New Version Changes

We are now shipping the improved, re-launched Volta. We have made several upgrades compared to the original "beta version" Voltas sold during summer 2013:

1) A replaceable mouthpiece screen has been added. This screen will prevent plant matter bits from being inhaled. These screens will cost $2 for 10 screens.

2) Mica insulators (3 pieces) have been added between the heating element and wood body. These insulators improve energy efficiency and almost completely eliminate wood charring.The mica pieces are designed for use at extreme high temperature and will not outgas or produce inhalable particles. These mica insulators are user replaceable and are cheap ($1 per set).

3) New cover is made of bamboo, instead of glass (magnetic attachment mechanism is the same). This bamboo cover is essentially unbreakable and retains heat better than the glass (which increases battery life). All customers said the transparent glass was unnecessary anyway, because viewing the chamber is not necessary.

4) New battery indicator has separate, spaced-apart red and green LEDs. This makes is easier to understand the indicator, and is usable by colorblind people.

5) Edges and corners are rounded with 1/8" radius. (April 2014).

New Charger (January 2015) 

We developed an improved high quality charger for the Volta LFP batteries. This unit charges batteries about 25% faster than the old version and is much better quality then the original charger. This charger will charge a completely discharged battery in 1.3 hours (80 minutes). Charger plugs into the wall or a vehicle 12V outlet.

Whats In the Box:

1 Volta vaporizer (with mouthpiece)

2 18650 LiFePO batteries

2 silicone battery caps

1 Protective Plastic Waterproof Battery Case with Gasket

1 two-battery LiFePO charger

1 maple wood mouthpiece 


18650 LiFePO battery delivers over 200 watt-minutes of energy to heating chamber (about 8 minutes of power). Volta provides up to 25-35 draws from a single battery charge. By comparison, the MFLB delivers only about 90 watt-minutes.

Spring-loaded electrical switch is comfortable to use and provides precise manual heat control.

Magnetically-retained bamboo cover does not rotate, so it cannot spill in your pocket.

LED battery indicator shows when battery needs to be recharged (turns RED).

Unbreakable bamboo cover.

All parts are user-replaceable. If the body becomes worn-out or damaged, just replace it.

Replacement parts are available at the website. All screws are T-7 Torx drive.

Volta Parts Page


It is necessary to occasionally clean your Volta. Do not use liquids to clean wood or bamboo parts. Heating chamber can be cleaned by brushing. Flicking the heating element (corrugated metal foil) is helpful for cleaning.

LiFePO batteries are damaged by complete discharge. So do not discharge the battery all the way. The LED indicator turns RED when a battery is about 95% discharged. Stop using (and recharge) a battery when the LED indicator turns RED. Batteries will be damaged if discharged below 2.0V. Replacement batteries cost $8 per pair (including silicone caps).

The interior copper contacts should be cleaned occasionally. Dirty contacts will cause the indicator light to illuminate RED when it should be GREEN (i.e. with a fresh battery).

The contacts are easily cleaned with an alcohol swab (as illustrated below). If they are really dirty, they can be cleaned by gentle scraping (with a screwdriver tip for example).

clean contactsCleaning Volta contacts

Warnings - Please Read

Keep silicone battery caps on batteries at all times (charged or not). Even discharged batteries have energy. Batteries can dangerously short circuit causing fire or injury if they touch a metallic object (like keys in your pocket or bag).

Use only the included LiFePO4 battery charger to recharge batteries. Do NOT use IMR/LMO or ICR/LCO chargers to charge Volta batteries. Inserting the Volta's LiFePO4 batteries in a  IMR/LMO or ICR/LCO charger can cause battery venting, explosion or fire. Max charging voltage for LiFePO4 batteries is 3.6V.

Use only High-Discharge (10A minimum constant discharge rate) 3.2V 18650 LiFePO4 (also called IFR or LFP) batteries in the Volta. Do NOT use IMR/LMO or ICR/LCO batteries in the Volta. Using the wrong batteries in the Volta can cause battery venting, explosion or fire.

If you unsure of the battery type, capacity, or voltage of a battery (or charger) purchased from a 3rd party DON’T USE IT. 

How to Use the VaporGenie Volta Vaporizer

1) Fill bowl area about 1/4-1/2 full with shredded herbs. Do not completely fill bowl. 

2) Orient Volta so that the bamboo cover is vertical, and herbs are resting on top of metal heating element (not resting on the wood).

3) Press and hold switch. LED light will turn GREEN, which indicates that heating element is getting hot.

4) SHAKE WHILE HEATING! Shaking circulates air and herbs, and assures uniform heating. Shake every few seconds while holding switch. It will take about 5-15 seconds for chamber to heat to vaporization temperature.

Do not inhale while the chamber is heating. Constantly drawing cold air into the Volta will prevent the chamber from heating to vaporization temperature, unless you inhale VERY slowly. Some people like to do this, but we do not recommend it.

Using the Volta is an alternating process: heat for several seconds then inhale, heat then inhale.

Keep an eye on the LED battery indicator. When the indicator turns RED, stop using the battery. A fully-charged battery will provide about 8 minutes of power. 

Volta™ User Guide pdf icon

About the MagicFlight vaporizer

Some have claimed that the Volta is a "ripoff" of the MagicFlight vaporizer. This is absolutely wrong and objectively not true. Here are the reasons why:

1) The MagicFlight is distinguished by its unique wire cloth heating element. The MagicFlight patent is directed toward the wire cloth. The Volta does not infringe on the MagicFlight patent because it has a metal foil heating element, not a wire cloth. We think the foil heating element is better because it does not clog with material, is more durable, and is replaceable.

2) The MagicFlight requires pressing the battery to apply heating power. The Volta has a spring-loaded switch.

3) The MagicFlight has a plastic swivel door. The Volta has a bamboo magnetic door closure.

4) The MagicFlight uses nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries. NiMH is required for voltage-resistance compatibility with the wire cloth heating element. The Volta uses lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO).

5) The MagicFlight cannot be disassembled. The Volta can be disassembled and all parts are replaceable.

6) Other differences include the steel battery clip and the two-color LED indicator in the Volta.

In view of the above differences, we think its not reasonable to describe the Volta as a "ripoff" of the MagicFlight. The only similarities are superficial and generic: both devices are wooden, box-shaped, battery-powered, manually controlled vaporizers.

 Volta™ User Guide pdf icon

Customer Reviews

Truly awesome! - Review by Mark

Best vape I've ever used. Plenty of power, works great.

(Posted on 2/13/16)

Great - Review by Nicholas

I love this thing. Threw my old combustion pipe away. I actually like this more that the aluminum pipe that I used to own. Gets it to like just the right temp. Hard to combust but it kinda chars easily. Which I don't really care about to be honest. Gives it some character imo. Batteries seem to only last me for a day tho. Which isn't too bad. I'd order like two more batteries and keep 4 in rotation just to be safe but I have no qualms with this unit. I recommend to anyone.

(Posted on 1/25/16)

This is a very underrated piece of kit. - Review by Poopants

This is a very underrated piece of kit. People reviewing it on YT tend to use it incorrectly, you need to hold it on its side to get good results.

It takes a few tries to find a good technique, but once I has found the sweet spot, the Volta outperformed my MFLB and my Firefly in terms of extraction by far. More power, more heat more buzz. Maybe I'm just using my other vapes incorrectly, but the fact that this thing works so well for me out of the box with hardly any experience with it, blew me away to be honest.

The design and usage is a mix between the MFLB and the Firefly, but this beats both for my needs. Maybe not in terms of flavor, but for getting wrecked, it is my fave vape. You need to find the tech that suits you though. Mine goes against the grain of the instructions. I hold the button for 3 seconds and then inhale slowly and shallow whilst still holding the button for another 2-3 seconds. So kinda like the MFLB method. If you hold longer, then you might char your herb. After 3-4 hits, the herb is a nice evenly cooked brown with the occasional black crumb. Make sure to grind your herb as finely as you can and shake the box before and after a hit.

Great piece of kit, paid 80 bucks which included a spare set of batteries and a bag of replacement mesh. Love it and would recommend. Purchased it as a substitute whilst my Firefly goes in for repair (popped the coil after 2 months of use, not impressed) but henceforth it'll be my new main device for sure.

(Posted on 9/10/15)

Awesome! - Review by Steve

Just got this vaporizer! I was a little leery because of its simplicity but it's Simplicity is what makes it perfect! I Have tried several different more expensive vaporizers with less satisfaction. This is the BEST Vaporizer I have tried So Far! It heats it to the perfect temperature and gives you a wonderful flavorful thick draw! You know you are getting good vapor with every draw!
It has a perfect size chamber and cleans easily make sure you follow the directions that come with it, they really enhance the experience and make it work better!
Great Job Guys!

(Posted on 11/25/14)

nice little vape, good extraction ,worked out good value even to UK - Review by rastavapa

Nice little vape very well made my only gripe so far is them little mica things fall out all the time when cleaning minor thing though, first few hits are very tasty and has a short learning curve . This and my lotus are the best two on demand vaporizers I own........
I might try a bronze sherlock next......

(Posted on 9/5/14)

This really works! - Review by Mike

Got one for my wife and she was skeptical at first. She's had it for a week and she loves it. She says it is easy to use and she feels a better result after using it. Great job and thanks for having replacement parts if needed!

(Posted on 8/27/14)

Awesome Product! - Review by John

I love my Volta Vaporizer. Read the instructions and watch the videos on the site to make sure you're using it properly, but it's awesome. I've been recomending it to my friends and would definitely encourage anyone looking for a vaporizer to get the Volta. Comes with 2 batteries, a waterproof battery case, a battery charger, a brush and the vaporizer. Definitely worth the price and you won't be disapointed!

(Posted on 7/14/14)

Solid vape - Review by Yellowjeff

Love this Volta 2.0, batteries charge fast and last long, heats up great and doesn't burn easily, easy to load great price made n the USA, I love how the components are all swappable and repairable if it was to break, works great!

(Posted on 3/4/14)

Superb quality, excellent aesthetics, tasty vape - Review by aww yeah

Firstly: It is SO AWESOME that you guys accept Bitcoin! Being able to buy awesome products from a company I love with a currency that I love is just fantastic! I hope more vendors follow suit :)

Just got mine out of the mail, charged the batteries and loaded her up. Color me impressed, I had been looking to get an electronic portable dry herb vaporizer (after previously owning and loving the Hand Carved Teak original VG) and the Volta exceeds my expectations in every regard.

The price is fantastic, it heats up faster than my table-top vaporizer, and nothing can beat the taste of herb vaped in a vapor genie, something about the wood mingles perfectly with the herbs and just makes it taste so delicious.

I was a bit confused on how to operate it at first, but it took less than half a bowl before I had it figured out and was vaping away happily.

You guys have done it again, the Volta is a fantastic product and I will be recommending it to my friends!

(Posted on 2/25/14)

Volta is the Bolt Action of Vaporizers - Review by MrWolfeeee

By far this is the most unique wooden handheld vaporizer that slaps mflb in the face. For Comparison, the mflb's batteries suck compared to the volta's lithium ion batteries so the heating time is literally 4 or 5 seconds then a second after shaking you see the glorious drag to this box. I have smoked wax out of the box and I do recommend it although the coating stays on the metal and goes away some time after continually vaping. This is a great buy very well worth the price and try not to fiddle with the box lid because when you do that it wears down the wood so the box lid kinda sags! Not a problem just don't wear the box down!

(Posted on 8/8/13)

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