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Smoking out of metal pipes can suck because of metallic flavors and metal oxidation. But vaporization is different! With vaporization, metal components dont become nearly hot enough to produce metallic flavors or oxidation.

We take great care with material selection and coatings to make sure that there is no metal oxidation or corrosion, and that metallic flavors are not created.

Stainless steel oxidizes at about 750F. No part of any of these pipes gets nearly this hot.

The aluminum pipe is anodized inside and out to protect from corrosion. Anodization forms a layer of aluminum oxide ceramic over the surface. This ceramic layer protects the aluminum.

The aluminum bat is nickel/chrome plated inside and out to protect from corrosion. Ni/Cr plating provides an even more durable and impermeable coating than anodization.

Download Metal Bat VG User Guide(for SS bat and Al bat) pdf

Aluminum Pipe User Guide pdf

Download SS Coil User Guide  pdf

Download Bronze Sherlock Guide pdf

VG Pipe Comparison Chart pdf icon