Steve from Bloomington

“I’m probably older than your average customer but I happened upon your classic VG at a great local shop in town. I was fortunate enough to stop in while they had one because they sell out very fast. After a week of use I realized what I had been missing out on so I looked you up online. I ordered the aluminum bat and the glass vg along with a couple of space crickets. I can’t fully describe how pleased I am with your products. The aluminum will travel with me, it’s small and highly portable. The glass vg is just amazing. It is great to see the vapor and how toasted your herbal blend is becoming. I am very glad to have all three of these models, the wood, the aluminum, and the glass. I find them all very useful at different times or different locations. I’ll eventually get a handcarved model just for my collection and to support these fine folks here. And last but not least, do yourself a favor and pick up a couple of space crickets. I am so glad I did!”