Shannom from Illinois

I have been a customer of Vapor Genie for decades.  From my first one to my last, I always prefer the original classic wooden maple pipe.  What can I say?  It’s a perfect design:  durable, functional, easy to clean, and the replacement parts are inexpensive.  The only reason I even had to buy a new one is because I lent my first to a friend, who then lost it.  Boo!  I’ve even experimented with other vaporizers, wooden box with the whip, digital display vape pens, etc etc.  Nothing beats the immediate convenience of a vaporizer that works with a standard lighter.  The staff at Vapor Genie is also always quick to get back to you.  Save your time and money, and just get a Vapor Genie.  I know this sounds like an ad, but I also used to sell them for a living as part of the store’s inventory.  That’s how I learned about them in the first place.  Trust me, I’ve had my choice of the best of the best.