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Quick Overview
Unique noisemaking toy that makes bizarre clicking, buzzing and zapping sounds. They are irrisistitating!

Space Crickets are a unique product from the VaporGenie development laboratory. This is a noisemaking toy that makes bizarre clicking, buzzing and zapping sounds. You play it with your hands, and can use your mouth to 'bend' the notes like a Jews harp. Listen to the sounds in the files below.

Space Crickets have two hardened steel balls attached to ends of a stainless steel wire handle. Squeezing the wire handle causes the balls to collide and bounce. The balls bounce many times, making your favorite weird and annoying noises.

The steel balls are attached with lead-free tin-silver solder. There are absolutely no toxic materials (no lead, no paints etc) used in the Space Crickets.

Space Crickets are not sold wholesale, so is the only place in the world where you can buy them.

Caution: some people find the noises extremely irritating, especially when someone else is playing their Space Crickets.

The Basic Buzz
The Basic Buzz sound is made by squeezing the spheres together with the wire handle.


The Cricket Zap
When twisted like this (exactly like this), the balls make the high-pitched Cricket Zap that must not be missed! 


The Space Harp 
Space harp sounds are made with the mouth. Hold the Space Cricket spheres close to the mouth, with your mouth slightly open. Sound from the spheres enters the mouth and resonates. Change the pitch and tone by moving your tongue or shape of your mouth.

Customer Reviews

really fun toy - Review by Elizabeth J.

I love this toy and it's hard to explain why. It's just so satisfying to play with. Makes really cool sounds. My friends like it too.

(Posted on 3/21/15)

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