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Purple Classic

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$60.00 USD

Quick Overview

Bottom and top are made of Maple wood. Paint is lead-free water-based acrylic.


The Classic VaporGenie pipe is our original model we have been making for years.

  • Bottom and top are made of Maple wood. Paint is lead-free water-based acrylic. No paint is present inside the pipe.
  • The bowl, screen and filter top threads are all made of stainless steel.
  • Measures 4.5 inches from mouthpiece tip to the center of the bowl. The classic is shorter (lengthwise) than the handcarved VaporGenie pipe by about 1 inch.
  • The black mouthpiece is optional and can easily be removed by simply pulling it out.
  • Ceramic filter is removable/replaceable. Removal is only necessary if soot needs to be cleaned (which should never be necessary).
  • Mouthpiece borehole is 1/4" diameter. We recommend cleaning with 1/4" stainless steel brush.
  • Do NOT clean with solvents or soapy water. Solvents will damage the wood.

Classic User Guide 

Customer Reviews

Good - Review by Anonamys

I didn't know that there was a vaporizer for loose leaf herbs until I found this. They only major complaint is I have the the one with the metal between the ceramic cover and herb bowl and it gets VERY HOT so I have to be careful how I hold it. I love the size as it is easy to share with a group of friends. It takes some practice to know how to hold the vapor genie and the lighter, so the flame is not sucked into the hole. Good flavor, no smell!!

(Posted on 11/24/18)

Doesn't smell - Review by Smells Like

The Vapor Genie is a great beginner vaporizer. Although the technique requires some practice, with the instructions you should have no problem! Each part is explained. This really helps beginner vaporizer users to understand how and why the Vapor [email protected] world.

My Purple Classic Vapor Genie works great for when I can't have a smell around. It's portable and doesn't need to be charged. The bowl helps you save you blend (less is more)! I love my Vapor Genie!

(Posted on 7/13/13)

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