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The VaporGenie Volta™ is a battery powered vaporizer manufactured in the USA by VaporGenie. The Volta ™ has a powerful LiFePO battery that provides power to a heating chamber. Herbs in the chamber are heated to vaporization temperature in seconds.

The Volta ™ body is made of waxed maple wood. Electrical contacts and switch are bronze. Cover window is borosilicate glass and has a rare earth magnet attachment. Screws, battery holder and spring are stainless steel. LED indicator circuit is potted in silicone rubber and is lead-free. Battery caps are silicone.

Whats In the Box:
1 Volta vaporizer (with mouthpiece)
2 18650 LiFePO batteries (these are high quality batteries from Tenergy) – MUST be charged with a LiFePO charger (do NOT use a Lithium-ION battery charger; doing so can cause fire!). Battery is rated for at least 300 charge-discharge cycles.
2 silicone battery caps
1 two-battery LiFePO charger

18650 LiFePO battery delivers over 200 watt-minutes of energy to heating chamber (about 8 minutes of power). Volta provides up to 25-35 draws from a single battery charge. By comparison, the MFLB delivers only about 90 watt-minutes.
Spring-loaded electrical switch is comfortable to use and provides precise heat control.
Magnetically-retained window does not rotate, so it cannot spill in your pocket.
LED battery indicator shows when battery needs to be recharged (turns RED).
All parts are user-replaceable. If the body becomes worn-out or damaged, just replace it.
Replacement parts are available at the VaporGenie.com website. All screws are T-7 Torx drive.

It is necessary to occasionally clean your Volta. Liquid cleaners (soapy water, alcohol) can be used on the glass window. Do not use liquids to clean wood parts. Heating chamber can be cleaned by brushing. Flicking the heating element (corrugated metal foil) is helpful for cleaning.
LiFePO batteries are damaged by complete discharge. So do not discharge the battery all the way. The LED indicator turns RED when a battery is about 95% discharged. Stop using (and recharge) a battery when the LED indicator turns RED.
Keep silicone battery caps on batteries at all times! Battery can dangerously short-circuit if it touches a metallic object (like keys in your pocket!).

Only use a LiFePO charger to recharge batteries. Do not use a lithium-Ion charger. A lithium-Ion charger can cause a LiFePO battery to leak or explode.
Only use a LiFePO battery in the Volta. Do not use a lithium-Ion battery. A lithium-Ion battery can leak or explode if used in the Volta. All Volta LiFePO batteries have a VG sticker, so just use batteries with the VG sticker and there wont be any problems.
Always keep silicone caps on the batteries, charged or uncharged.

How to Use the VaporGenie Volta  Vaporizer
1) Fill bowl area about 1/4-1/2 full with shredded herbs. Do not completely fill bowl.
2) Orient Volta so that the glass window is vertical, and herbs are resting on top of metal heating element (not resting on the wood).
3) Press and hold switch. LED light will turn GREEN, which indicates that heating element is getting hot.
4) Shake so that herbs are moving around and heat is uniform. Shake every few seconds while holding switch. It will take about 10-20 seconds for chamber to heat to vaporization temperature. When you see vapor fog collect inside the chamber, its time to take a draw.

Do not inhale while the chamber is heating. This will prevent the chamber from heating to vaporization temperature, unless you inhale VERY slowly. Some people like to do this, but we do not recommend it.
Using the Volta is an alternating process: heat for several seconds then inhale, heat then inhale.
Keep an eye on the LED battery indicator. When the indicator turns RED, stop using the battery. A fully-charged battery will provide about 8 minutes of power.


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