VaporGenie LiFePO4 18650 Charger and Battery Set


*NOT for IMR/Li-ion batteries*
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Do not use this charger with IMR/Li-ion batteries!

Charger will charge a completely discharged battery in 1.3 hours (80 minutes).

Included: 12v cigarette lighter cable for charger.

Battery is an 18650-size lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO) battery. It must be charged with a LiFePO charger (do NOT use a Lithium-ION battery charger; doing so can cause fire!). Batteries are rated for 300 charge-discharge cycles @ 1300mAH, and about 1000 charge-discharge cycles @1250mah. The batteries will last a very long time, provided they are not completely discharged (i.e. to zero volts). You must stop using a battery when LED indicator turns RED (happens at about 2.2 volts). A completely discharged battery will take a little under 2 hours to fully recharge.

Cold batteries: Battery output voltage is lower when the batteries are cold. The LED indicator will light up RED with a cold battery (below about 40F), even if its fully charged. The batteries are warmed by discharge, so this lasts only a few seconds (about 10-20 seconds). A battery at 5F can require a 60 seconds of discharge to warm up enough to turn the LED green. It is best to warm the batteries in your pocket or something before use. A room-temp battery (70F) works fine. If you are using the battery in the extreme cold, and the battery never has a chance to warm up, it will not last for the 7-8 minutes we promise.

Battery specs:

Max charge voltage: 3.6V

Max charge current: 1.3A.

Max discharge current: 10A.

If you want to use your own LiFePO batteries, thats fine. Just make sure they have a max continuous discharge current of 10A. The Volta draws about 8-9 Amperes.

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