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All orders come with a few extra screens.

Steel pads or straight ceramic filters may be placed on the bottom screen for products which might pass through regular screens.  Ceramic filters often work best for this purpose.

Glass tends to absorb more heat than wood, so the vaporizer and filter of the glass VaporGenie will become hotter than the classic or handcarved vaporizers (about as hot as the metal bowl of the classic VG vaporizer). Even with heavy use, the vaporizer will remain cool enough to touch, but the bowl area may become too hot to touch (but not burn you).

These vaporizers are only available from

Our glass pipes are handmade by Guy Thomas in Vancouver, Canada. Thank you, Guy, for creating a clever, functional and attractive glass VaporGenie.

Thick-wall (2.5 mm wall) clear borosilicate glass from Schott Glass of Germany.
Wall thickness varies from 2.5 – 5 mm, so it is very durable.
The filter top and bowl attach by a ground glass joint.
The bowl is larger (about 50% deeper) than the bowl of our wooden or metal VG vaporizers.
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International Orders require Express Mail International shipping

Carbon Series 2.3L Safe Case (mini)

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Lotus Condor Pipe Lighter
Lighter Color
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  1. Annonymous (verified owner)

    this thing works like a charm and the craftsmanship is phenomenal. Personally, I’d like to see more glass options/designs but this one is ergonomically solid and makes technique easier to achieve, with a clear view of the bowl and ceramic filter. Was a bit confused at first because I didn’t realize the product didn’t combust or leave ash and figured I either didn’t have the technique down or it wasn’t working properly. Now that I understand how it works, I can’t believe how easily it vapes and the amazing taste it produces. This makes what was once miserable burning and irritation of the lungs into a pleasant, facile experience. Never going back to combustion. Wonderful product!

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