Lotus Condor Pipe Lighter


2-year warranty. High quality candle flame, piezo ignition pipe lighter.

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  • 90° horizontal traditional flame
  • Fold out tamper and shovel
  • Single action ignition
  • All metal housing
  • Large flame adjuster
  • Lights to 5,000 feet
  • 3 x 1.625 x .625”
  • 2 year no hassle warranty directly with VaporGenie.

This lighter ships empty, you will need to fill this lighter with butane before use. After filling, it is important to wait a few minutes before using your lighter (really). Please read the operating instructions that come with your lighter

Use only high quality butane fuel in your Lotus Condor lighter. Make sure it says “filtered” or “refined” somewhere on the bottle. Smoke shops almost always have high quality butane available. Some good brands are Lotus, Colibri, King, and Xikar. DO NOT USE Ronson, Sun, Clipper or Neon Brands butane fuel, THAT STUFF IS CRAP AND WILL CLOG YOUR LIGHTER, CAUSING INCONSISTENT IGNITION AND DECREASED PERFORMANCE.

Our lighters carry a 2-year no-hassle repair service warranty from date of purchase. This warranty covers mechanical parts only and excludes damages resulting from accident, misuse, tampering, or abuse. This warranty does not cover faults occurring through bad repairs, natural wear and tear, or the use of low-quality gas refills. The outer case finishes are not covered by this warranty. Why are the lighters shipped empty? Shipping butane is very expensive. Filling these lighters with butane before shipping to our customers would increase the shipping cost around $5 per lighter and slow down the shipping speed quite a bit (butane can only be shipped by ground). For $5 you can buy a bottle of quality butane from a smoke shop and fill your lighter 50 or more times.

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Weight 0.1 lbs
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Black, Chrome, Gunmetal

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  1. Elizabeth J.

    I love my Lotus pipe lighter! Looks great, feels great, works really well. Arrived quickly. Now I know how the Vaporgenie feels when lit properly. Definitely makes a big difference. I found the Colibri premium Butane at a store on Wilson Blvd. in Arlington, VA, called Classic Cigars and British Goodies.

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