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Goo’d Riddance is the worlds first water-based adhesive remover

Goo’d Riddance removes acrylic adhesive goo (used on almost all stickers and labels), mastic adhesive, pine sap, tar/asphalt, and rubber adhesive (used on gaffer tape, duct tape). Goo’d Riddance lifts these messy, sticky, gooey goos from the surface you want to clean, and then you simply wash the goo away with water.

Goo’d Riddance is very effective for removing unwanted smells from your hands after using tobacco or herbal products (much more than regular soap).


All the ingredients in Goo’d Riddance are essentially harmless and safe for the environment. Magnesium stearate is used to make supplement and drug pills that you ingest. So you have already eaten plenty of magnesium stearate. Decyl glucose is a soap/surfactant made from sugar and coconut oil and is considered very safe and is approved for cosmetics. The glass powder is made from crushed ordinary glass. The glass power particle size is 325 mesh (44 microns), which is larger than the 2.5 or 10 micron size that can be a lung inhalation hazard. And besides, Goo’d Riddance is a paste, and you are not going to inhale a paste…right?


  1. Works best when goo and everything is warm. So, if you are removing label goo from a jar, fill the jar with hot water.
  2. A scrubber must be used. We recommend a stainless steel scrubber, the type used to clean pots and pans. Even if removing pine sap from your hands, use a scrubber. You do not have to scrub a lot. Goo’d Riddance will lift warmed goo with a few seconds of scrubbing.
  3. Add a bit of water. Goo’d Riddance comes as a soft paste. Add water until it is a thick liquid, comparable to honey.


  1. Warm the surface and goo you will clean.
  2. Put Goo’d riddance on your scrubber, and a few drops of water.
  3. Scrub that goo!
  4. When it feels like the goo has detached from the surface, rinse away with warm water. Bye Bye goo!


  • Rubber adhesive takes about twice as long to remove as acrylic adhesive.
  • Nylon scrubbers can also be used, but they do not work as well as stainless steel scrubbers.
  • Goo’d Riddance does not work on hardened glues, things like hardened epoxy, caulk, silicones, or cyanoacrylates. GR is for adhesives only. Glues dry or polymerize. Adhesives remain sticky.
  • Label/sticker should be peeled off before goo removal. Heating the label with a hair dryer makes label peeling easier. 

Made in USA.

Patent Pending.

Goo’d Riddance Safety Data Sheet (SDS)



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