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Glass Sherlock VG Vaporizer

Availability: In stock

$119.00 USD
Quick Overview

Thick-wall clear borosilicate glass allows viewing of the vaporization process.

**CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. ALL SHERLOCK ORDERS WILL BE PUT ON BACKORDER. We expect to have more stock this Friday, Feb. 22.**

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Availability: In stock

$119.00 USD
  • Thick-wall (2.5 mm wall) clear borosilicate glass from Schott Glass of Germany.
  • Wall thickness varies from 2.5 - 5 mm, so it is very durable.
  • It sits stably upright on a flat surface, so loading the bowl is easy.
  • The filter top and bowl attach by a ground glass joint.
  • The bowl is larger (about 50% deeper) than the bowl of our wooden or metal VG pipes.
  • USA orders require Signature Confirmation
  • International Orders require Express Mail International shipping


Glass Sherlock User Guide: PDF IconPDF  JPG

Glass tends to absorb more heat than wood, so the pipe and filter of the glass VaporGenie will become hotter than the classic or handcarved pipes (about as hot as the metal bowl of the classic VG pipe). Even with heavy use, the pipe will remain cool enough to touch, but the bowl area may become too hot to touch (but not burn you).

The glass VaporGenie comes with a padded pouch that protects it from falls and breakage.

Also included are a couple of extra screens. The Glass Sherlock VaporGenie requires our regular 5/8" diameter screens.

These pipes are only available from

The Glass parts are handmade by Guy Thomas of Hi-Guy Glass in Vancouver, Canada. Thank you, Guy, for creating a clever, functional and attractive glass VaporGenie.

RYOT® 4.0L Safe Case™ Large Carbon Series™ with SmellSafe® and Lockable Technology 

The ALL NEW RYOT® Safe Case™. Lockable with fully customizable padding and X-strap™ technology to secure many sizes and shapes, gear and goods. RYOT® Smell Safe® Carbon Series™ locks in odors for discrete storage and transport. Durable exterior weatherproof canvas fabric. Pack and protected by RYOT®

The SmellSafe® Carbon Series™ incorporates extensive carbon fiber padding that both neutralizes and traps odors in its pores while our coated weather-proof fabric and moisture seal zipper provide a true physical barrier to keep odors in and the weather out. To re-activate the Carbon lining filters, simply put in the dryer for 5 minutes.

Includes: Removeable Fresh Pod, Rolling Tray, and Padding

Customer Reviews

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Quality of pipe - Review by Chad

Waaay better than any other plug in, expensive vape; you can get smooth hits that are really minty / fruity ; brings out essence and flavor of herb due to the fact that your not burning it.
In the three years of owning it i Always put it in the pouch-- really saved me. However I once laid down the bowl sideways on the table and it rolled off and broke?!.Soooo didn't do that again..Pretty expensive to replace...and then once at a party we had the large bowl stuffed with alot of herb, therefore the bowl was not totally snug down ..And yes the bowl fell out while it was being passed in a quick sideways fashion and broke;really dumb for me at least I have only had trouble (carelessly) with the bowl. Be conscious of it when loading the pipe;it is round ,delicate and very valuable! Your glass masterpiece is useless without it
Really smooth and premium hits , would never go back to smoking again can literally taste fruity strains of herb.

(Posted on 9/2/16)

Awesome piece - Review by R

This is one hell of a vaporizer! It has a slight learning curve,but it is not hard to get the hang of. I was ripping huge tasty clouds within the first day out testing. Smoalk moar!!

(Posted on 6/23/16)

Quality. - Review by Nick

This piece is a real work of art. Small learning curve but once you get the hang of it you will not be disappointed. I see it lasting a very long time. No wonder so many people recommend it!

(Posted on 4/20/16)

Best smoking device I've tried - Review by John

I have to say that this right here is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I’ve had this pipe for 3.5 years and loved it as soon as I got it. I love this pipe above any other smoking method that I’ve tried. It is very easy on the lungs and it can be used indoors with very little smell. It is portable and can be easily placed within a backpack. It also has saved me a ton of money on herb because with less you get more and the herb goes along way with this thing. The design is great and it is very cool that you can see the smoke within the pipe since its glass. The only downside is that this pipe is breakable although I haven’t managed to break it yet. The only issue I had was recently when the top somehow managed to get stuck to the bottom. I was very afraid I was going to have to break it because I could not get it to budge. I did contact customer service and they were very helpful in trying to find a solution. Eventually, I got it out just by pulling on the top with perfectly fitted pliers and yanking it out.
Anyway, the pipe was definitely worth the cost and if you are contemplating buying it I would go for it if any of this sounds appealing. Also, if you are considering this or the classic one I will say that I like this one 100% more. It’s definitely worth the extra cost. I used my friend’s classic VaporGenie for a few weeks and there were disadvantages in comparison with the glass VaporGenie. The mouthpiece getting hot is the worst disadvantage. Also, it is much easier to burn yourself since there is metal that gets hot which you could touch if you’re not careful. The GVG gets hot too but I’ve never burned myself from it. It is also much easier to clean than the glass VaporGenie since you can use solvents for the glass. It also has a smaller bowl another big disadvantage. I think the only advantages it has over the glass genie is that it’s half the price and it’s not going to break if you drop it.

(Posted on 2/12/16)

Amazing - Review by Starquake

Just as how I thought, it's amazing. It gives the user more control of the vaporizing process. I can get massive vapor rips, more massive than my densest waterpipe rips.

The more minced the herb is the better.
If you want to get effects of the herb fast and strong, you take hard pulls from the start till your lungs can't take the vapor anymore.
It gets hot but if you hold it right you won't feel it.
It's hard to clog the ceramic, so that's a plus.
The herb tastes pure.
Excellent vaporizer and customer service.

(Posted on 5/9/15)

Life Changing - Review by Tom

I'm 48 years old. For more than 30 of those years I have been using any and every delivery method you'd care to mention.
Nothing, NOTHING, has come anywhere close to this thing in any measurable category.
I honestly believe if I discovered this when I was 15 years old, I'd be ruling the world by now and there would be peace on earth.
Save the world; Buy this pipe!!!

(Posted on 2/5/15)

Awesome Product Awesome People - Review by Bridgette

I've been a vaporgenie user for about a year now so I was very excited when I was able to upgrade to the glass sherlock I tracked my package everyday and was so excited when it arrived today! I didn't order the hard case but kinda wished I would have. Out of all the vapes I have MFLB, Easy Vapes 5,Snoop Dogg's Vape Pen I don't even touch these vaporizers anymore my Sherlock that I dubbed Alice cause that bitch takes you to Wonderland is my go to every time because when I'm sitting in our pow-wow circles I don't have to being looking like I total wuse using a battery or stuck to a wall because I need electric power I can actually be part of the rotation of passing the lighter. The only Con is I won't be needing anything for awhile so I won't be getting the awesome stickers so that kinda makes me sad. Anyway AWESOME PRODUCT THAT YOU'LL NEVER REGRET.

(Posted on 2/4/15)

The best vaporizer on the market in my opinion - Review by Matthew

I really don't think that you can find a better piece. It's simple design and basic premise equates to a long lasting piece that will never short or fail on you...provided you have a functional torch lighter to go along with it. There certainly is a learning curve, and it's frustrating teaching friends because all they want to do is burn the shit out of it, but after they get a hold of it/you get better friends, it's smooooooth sailing. Great piece. Can't wait to use it with my children and great grandchildren one day.

(Posted on 1/14/15)

Elementary! - Review by Paul

This is an investment piece that provides consistent efficient vaporization. It's not the fanciest looking glassware, but it's simple appearance is deceiving! I'll have this genie forever!

(Posted on 8/14/14)

I recommend it - Review by nullified

Glass sherlock is my first vaporizer. If you are looking for a vaporizer to buy and don't know which one I definitely recommend GVG. The technique is kind of hard to get used to, at first. But afterwards it is really easy to use. Also don't forget to buy the case, it is a must.

I give it 9/10. Thank you VaporGenie for this great product.

(Posted on 7/1/14)

Fantastic!!! - Review by RDUB

I am a big vapor fan. I own a VG Maple Classic, a VG Bronze Sherlock, a VG Stainless Bat, a VG Hand Carved Walnut and also a Volcano. Like I said I'm a big vapor fan. Well I just received my new VG Glass Sherlock and it is AMAZING!!! I highly recommend this vaporizer to everyone! I agree with the other reviewer as well, that the hard case is a MUST HAVE! Vapor Genie has done it again! This is a classic!!!

(Posted on 1/23/14)

Completely amazing - Review by Gobias

I'm in love with this vaporizer. It's a nice size and the shape allows for different grips to suit your personal preference. It's a very light piece but at no point does it feel delicate or flimsy. Basic use is extremely simple and there's only a very small learning curve to overcome before you can start using it at peak efficiency. It's also very forgiving to PERIODIC misuse. As long as you don't make a habit of touching flame to the ceramic filter it will take care of itself. I once torched it and left a large black spot on the filter, thinking I had already ruined it. After a few more proper uses there was no trace of the black mark. The piece produces a thick vapor comparable to any electronic unit I've tried and only has a slightly less desirable taste (due to the use of a flame), but still produces a cleaner and better flavor than any traditional pipe.

I ordered the pipe at 2:00 am Monday morning. I paid $19 for Express shipping (would have been free otherwise) and had my piece before noon on the very next day. It arrived with the smallest chip, though this on the underside of the rim on the bowl area and is only visible if you're really looking for it. Overall, a really amazing experience with these guys.

One last note if you're going to buy...upgrade to the axe case!

(Posted on 1/3/14)

Best Vape hands down - Review by Rogue Chic

I've had the Sherlock for over a year, (and replaced the body once from a party fail). And prior to that I've had the glass bat, the coil, the aluminum bat and the steel bat and others, I love VGs, but this one, hits so much smoother than them all. The bowl is big and can fit a lot, the glass body shape makes for even more space to filter the smoke before it gets to you, it has a clean taste and hits, well, it isn't easy to hit either, easy to burn, you've really gotta follow the rules of how far to put the flame. Best vaporizer ever.

(Posted on 12/29/13)

Fantastic customer service & products!!! - Review by Happy :)

The people at VaporGenie are terrific and very helpful. They helped me with a problem I had due to my MS (multiple sclerosis). I can't thank enough the gentleman who helped me, and I will continue to be a good customer because of great service and products. The colored and natural wood Genies make fun gifts!

Even just holding the wooden Genies is good therapy because they feel so good and so smooth in one's hands--like a work of art made to be felt and held. My friends just can't put down my pipe!

Thank you, VaporGenie!

(Posted on 10/18/13)


I bought the wooden genie a few years back and have always had this glass one on my list. I finally bought it, holy shit. THIS IS ONE BAD ASS VAPE. The pictures dont do it justice, this thing is bigger than the wooden version and its very cool. ALSO get the case, the pic again dont do it justice. I thought this whole thing was gonna be a really small package, ITS VERY NICE and the CASE IS A MUST to protect this. I sitting here vaped wondering why i waited so long to buy this

(Posted on 7/2/13)

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