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Glass Bat Vaporizer

Availability: In stock

$70.00 USD

Quick Overview
Innovative one-piece patent pending design. Ultra portable, made with thick wall clear Schott borosilicate glass.
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  • Our lightest VG yet, only 42 grams.
  • German made thick-wall (2.5mm) Schott borosilicate glass.
  • One piece design, no detachable top like our other pipes.
  • No ground glass joint, which is a common source of cracks and fractures. Slightly more durable than the Sherlock glass pipe. 
  • Sliding stainless steel door provides side-access to the bowl.
  • Cam be completely cleaned using alcohol and other solvents.

The VG glass bat pipe will become hot with use, but only around the bowl/filter area and cools very rapidly.

The glass bat uses a different (slightly smaller) screen than our other pipes. So if you buy replacement screens make sure you get the correct ones. The larger screens will work, but they are not ideal.

Replacement parts (wireforms, sliding door) are available at reasonable cost.

The glass bat VG is the result of a collaborative development effort between VaporGenie and Guy Thomas of HiGuy Glass of Vancouver, Canada. Guy Thomas created the sliding door concept. At VaporGenie, Guy Thomas' creative contributions are greatly appreciated and well respected. Thank you Guy for helping create another stellar product.

Glass Bat User Guide pdf icon

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Customer Reviews

Best piece I ever purchased! - Review by Killa $moke Ninja

After owning the handcarved, the classic, and the coil, I gotta say the glass bat is by far the best . When it comes to flavor, it even tastes better than my box whip vape and my mflb. I also love the way it was designed. It feels like I'm holding a fat ass blunt and it's cool that you Can see the herb through the glass as it gets darker with each toke. It's hands down the best vape I've tried. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get into vaping.But if you do I also highly recommend you buy the case for it as well because glass is easy to break of course and trust me you don't want to break this baby she is very special!

(Posted on 2/9/16)

Love the glass bat - Review by Debbi

This is my first experience with a vaporizer. I've only had this for like an hour, but I really love it. Seems very well made.
My first try was a learning attempt, but the second went very well. :) I have allergies, and smoking doesn't work well for me, but things seem good with this.
Also, this company seems pretty great. Free stuff (!), and I ordered this with the free shipping, and got it in 2 days!

(Posted on 6/12/15)

fuel - Review by wyatola

i really, really like my genie glass bat, although there are a few things i do not like. one i mentioned in the previous post. the other is how it uses up so much butane. i got a cheap refillable lighter, and that helps. i am thinking about the genie lighter, but in the past i have had no good luck with the expense lighters, even with the proper butane. i give it 4 stars for no tool to work with.

(Posted on 7/1/14)

wish - Review by wyatola

dear genie, i have a wish. i wish you would make a tool to take the wire formations out of the glass bat. i now have 2 more wishes, thank you.

(Posted on 7/1/14)

Paid for itself; my go-to piece - Review by StarvingUndergrad

Bought this guy almost as soon as I got to college, mostly because it beats the MFLB on price, materials, workmanship, and aesthetics. I can smoke in my room with the windows closed with no fear of RAs or smoke detectors (but your results might vary depending on your habits). I get my best results with the bat held vertically over the flame so that the air column lifts and circulates just like a fancy convection-type (Volcano) electric vape. TL;DR--Saves your lungs, saves your money, saves your time, saves you from getting caught if that's an issue. Could probably save the world if it wanted to. Final word of praise: The finish handles Dorito dust remarkably well. I can guarantee you'll appreciate that after a solid sesh. Just buy it.

(Posted on 4/7/14)

Glass Bat Vaporizer - Review by Dr. S. Cobarr B.Y.O.B.

I purchased this vaporizer, along with the Classic Walnut (look for my review on that as well!). It is a large, straight glass pipe. The chamber is secured by a metal door which slides open, shut, back and forth. It seems to me that considering some circumstances, it may be easy to knock the chamber door open, so be on the watch for that possibility. Mine came with two screens and no instructions, so I used common sense, opened the chamber, and placed one screen on the bottom next to the little hole leading to the stem. The learning curve isn't that steep, you just have to learn how close you need your flame to be in relation to the ceramic plate which will heat up your herbs. I seem to not be able to find a happy medium, either I can't get anything, or I burn it a tad. I'll get the hang of it. I do like these kinds of vaporizers because they require no battery charge-up time, no waiting. Its not that discreet, hitting from a glass dick, but ya' take the good with the bad! The package came quickly, thank you VaporGenie!! I will be a returning customer. However I also ordered a 13 dram storage jar. But was given a 3. maybe an accident on them, but boy do I like their Classic Walnut vape-R. Do yourself a favor, and get that one!!

(Posted on 4/4/14)

Wonderful Glass - Review by OldCrazyArtist

The moment I open the box I was happy. The glass is legit and it was of much better quality than I had anticipated. I had no trouble at all getting started with it and now on day 3 of using it with out any difficulty or burning of my herbal blend. Once you find the right flame position and inhalation it becomes like riding a bike. You will feel the correct and familiar amount of heat that is ideal for vaping. Great product and it was worth the money. Easy to clean and works treat! Thanks VaporGenie for a product that helps us to live healthier!

(Posted on 12/7/13)

A Great Product - Review by gethanmusic

This product is wonderful. There is so much flavor I was missing out on for so long. This will only get better as I begin to regain my sense of smell and taste from years of inhaling carcinogens. Hands down The Glass Bat Vapor Genie was one of the best decisions I have made for my health in quite some time. From the moment I took it out of the box I was impressed. The glass is legit and of good quality. I was a little bummed that the metal sliding door tends to scratch the glass a little but not a huge deal. I was a skeptic and now Im a believer. It was worth the money and I will never go back to combustion. ***Thank you vapor genie for offering a great product that contributes the wellness of people.***

(Posted on 12/5/13)

A very well constructed pipe that smokes great!!!! - Review by psykonaut

I've read many reviews that said this glass bat wasn't worth my while, but after smoking out of it ten times, to get the proper technique worked out, I must say that this bat smokes like a champ. It is also very portable and stays cool the whole time your smoking out of it, you just have to do it the right way, which takes a little practice. It's also very easy to clean. 5 Stars VG has made another classic!!!!!!!!!

(Posted on 7/11/13)

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