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How do VaporGenie Pipes work?
What is that metal wire under the screen?
How do I remove the screen?
How is the VaporGenie pipe used?
What is Vaporization?
Isn't it dangerous to inhale lighter exhaust?
What are grinders made of
How do i know when my herbal blend is done/ useless and when to dump it?
Can the VaporGenie be used as a regular combustion pipe?


How are orders shipped? Do I have to sign for the package?
Can I get my order shipped overnight?
International Shipping
Do you ship to college campuses?
Is the packaging discreet?
What countries do you ship to?


My credit card was rejected - what's wrong?
Did my order go through?
Do you accept PayPal?
Do you accept Prepaid or "Gift" Credit Cards?
How will my purchase appear on my bank or credit card statement?
Can I pay by bank wire?
Is there a store in my city/my zip code that carries the VaporGenie?
VaporGenie Resellers


The VaporGenie Lifetime Warranty
The VaporGenie Pipe Lifetime Warranty
Return policy.
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